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Macbeth interprets the statements of the apparitions in action 4, scene 1 in a very certain way. Come Macbeth, the statements space assurances that his safety. However, closer analysis reveals them to it is in very certain statements regarding and how he will certainly die.

The very first apparition, one armored head, tells...

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Macbeth interprets the explanation of the apparitions in act 4, scene 1 in a very specific way. To Macbeth, the statements are assurances the his safety. However, closer analysis reveals them to be very specific statements about and how he will die.

The first apparition, an armored head, speak him just to

"Beware Macduff!/ Beware the Thane the Fife! i disbanded me. Enough" (81-82). 

In various other words, Macbeth have to be wary that Macduff. In ~ first, Macbeth thinks very small about the warning, yet after the statements native the next apparition he decides come wipe the end Macduff"s entire family, which provides even more incentive because that Macduff to try to kill Macbeth. Further, the first apparition"s manifestation together an head put on a helmet foreshadows the armed forces action, led by Malcolm and Macduff, that will certainly march against Macbeth. Given that the apparition is a disembodied head, it additionally foreshadows Macbeth"s very own demise and decapitation throughout the final battle. Fairly simply, the apparition warning Macbeth could an extremely well be Macbeth"s own decapitated head.

The second apparition speak Macbeth,

Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh come scorn The strength of man, for none of mrs born Shall harm Macbeth.

Macbeth takes this to median he have the right to be as vicious and ambitious as he wants, the he shouldn"t fear men due to the fact that no man of woman born deserve to hurt him. Here he briefly discounts the warning that the very first apparition, feeling he has nothing to are afraid from Macduff, as every male is born indigenous a woman. However, Macbeth is too easily assured. The 2nd apparition, the bloody child, represents the very man that could (and will) damage Macbeth. In ~ the end of the play, the is revealed the "Macduff to be from his mother"s womb/ untimely ripped," an interpretation that the was not born in the classic fashion (5.8, 19-20). That is the product that a Cesarean section, i m sorry would result in much much more blood than a timeless birth. Therefore the apparition itself might be manifesting together the child Macduff himself.

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Finally, the third apparition, a son wearing a crown, holding a tree, further assures Macbeth, saying

Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no careWho chafes, who frets, or whereby conspirers are. Macbeth shall never ever vanquished be untilGreat Birnam hardwood to high Dunsinane HillShall come versus him. (103-107)

Macbeth believes this method he will never die till Birnam Wood, the forest near his castle, Dunsinane, grows the entire means to the castle itself. This would take a great deal that time, perhaps hundreds of years if the woodland was not often tended to and also kept away. When again, Macbeth feel assured by this statement. However, as Malcolm"s army approaches Dunsinane in action 5, scene 4, Malcolm orders the males to hew down the boughs the the trees to help disguise your numbers together they strategy (6-9). The photo of Malcolm, the rightful heir come the throne of Scotland, hewing down and holding a branch bear a striking same to the 3rd apparition itself. The is basically the son crowned, stop the tree in his hand.After the apparitions disappear, Macbeth pushes for more information and also is shown a parade of kings, representing Banquo"s descendants. That is confused by this vision, yet is interrupted as Lennox enters. If he begins to feel more safe in his rule, he nevertheless takes actions to defend himself further. As proclaimed above, the orders the death of Macduff and his family. When the murderers arrive at Fife, Macduff has already left because that England to convince Malcolm to return and overthrow Macbeth. ~ above hearing the his catastrophic loss, Macduff resolves to it is in the one to death the tyrant. Because Macbeth acts on the warning of the first apparition, dive by the words of the second and third, the personalities represented through the second and third apparitions become even an ext resolute, hence fulfilling the predictions of all 3 manifestations.