a person, partnership, or corporation involved in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.

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a structure or site where commercial work-related is carried on, as a factory, store, or office; place of work: His service is on the edge of Broadway and also Elm Street.
Also called piece of business, stage business. Theater. A activity or gesture, particularly a boy one, provided by an actor to offer expressiveness, drama, detail, etc., come a scene or to aid portray a character.
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business is business, profit has precedence over personal considerations: that is reluctant to fire his friend, but organization is business.
do one's business, (usually that an pet or child) to defecate or urinate: housebreaking a puppy to perform his organization outdoors.
get under to business, to apply oneself to serious matters; concentration on work: They lastly got down to business and signed the contract.
give someone the business, Informal. come make difficulties for someone; act harshly: rather of a right answer they provide him the service with a needless run-around. To scold severely; offer a tongue-lashing to: The passengers will provide the bus driver the service if the keeps driving for this reason recklessly.
mean business, to suggest to take activity or be significant in intent; be in earnest: through the fire in his eye we knew the he expected business.
mind one's very own business, to stop from meddling in the work of others: when he inquired about the noise comes from the neighbor's apartment, he to be told come mind his own business.

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an·ti·busi·ness, adjectivein·ter·busi·ness, adjectivemul·ti·busi·ness, adjectivenon·busi·ness, adjective
bushwhacker, bush wren, bushy, bushy-tailed, busily, business, business administration, company agent, company angel, business as usual, Business prior to pleasure
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field, work, employment, trade, firm, shop, corporation, partnership, factory, store, venture, house, organization, institution, market, transaction, deal, industry, manufacturing, problem
an industrial, commercial, or expert operation; purchase and also sale that goods and also servicesthe tailoring business
Also called: stage company theatre one incidental action, such as lighting a pipe, perform by an actor for dramatic effect