If you happen to discover yourself spending the winter holidays in Denmark, rejoice! Christmas is Denmark’s most celebrated holiday therefore you will be in for a treat. So, an initial thing’s first. You need to learn just how to say merry Christmas in Danish, and even just how to wish someone a Happy brand-new Year together well!

This way, friend can conveniently impress friend (or her loved one) with your Danish language knowledge and even despite you might not get the pronunciation right, you will still it is in appreciated for trying.

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Aside from discovering these all-important greetings for the winter holidays, us will also learn various other words important for the winter season. So let’s acquire into the most vital one of all!

How to say funny Christmas in Danish?

Glædelig jul!

This also method “Happy Holidays” in Danish. Phonetically, the is pronounced together /ɡlɛːdəliɡ juːl/ if friend have already taken Danish speaking lessons.

But for the remainder of us, let’s break it down. The first step is come acquaint her tongue through the sounds.

Try to say the first word – “Glae-the-lee”, enunciating it slowly. Now, through those sound in mind, say the 3 syllables as one, sounding similar to “Glally” yet with the “ae” sound in between.

The second word is pronounced just as “yuul”. To speak it completely – “Glally-yuul!” don’t be intimidated by the joint – simply do your best and locals will certainly surely understand. And, many importantly, they will certainly appreciate friend trying.

If the too much for you, another method to say merry Christmas in Danish is “God jul.”

And this would be it for the very first “obstacle”. Now… turn off to the brand-new year’s celebration, where we have a brand-new greeting come learn!


Since we’re at it, let’s learn just how to danes celebrate Christmas and ring in the new Year the Danish Way.

If you’re in Denmark through the start of December, you’re certain to find the beginnings of the Christmas celebration. It kicks off on December 1st which is the begin of Advent.

It is significant by a Julekalendar or a Gavekalendar where little gifts or treats room given and also exchanged wither day-to-day or on each of the four Sundays during the Advent.

Parents or grandparents usually existing these delights come kids, however there’s no protecting against the adults from sharing.

The arrival season is also marked by countdowns to the big day (Christmas, of course!) v candle calendars.

A candle is lit on every day the the 24-days. Come emphasize how essential this Danish tradition is, many TV stations have actually their own Julekalendar series.

It is a 24-episode Christmas one-of-a-kind from job one come day 24 in December.

This brings us to the work (and night!) prior to Christmas! on the 24th day, Juleaften, families attend the Christmas eve church service. The festivities begin after through a luxury dinner common by the family.

Get all set for a gastronomic treat of roasted meat, whether pork, goose, or duck. This is offered with the timeless sweet potato sides or boiled potato plus some cabbage and also rich brown gravy.

After the key meal come the risamalande, a classic Danish dessert. Dig right into the cool rice pudding served with a heat cherry sauce reduction.

The score is not just to eat the tasty treat yet to discover the totality almond hidden in her dessert. When you uncover the almond, you space entitled to get a tiny token together a gift.

The celebrations walk well right into the night with the to sing of timeless Danish Christmas carols around the tree.

Expect a tall glass of gløgg, which is a traditional mulled wine, spiced come perfection and served with almonds and also raisins the you need to fish out through a spoon as you chug along.

You might additionally find homemade ebelskivers, powdered sugar, and jam come go along with it ~ above the side.

The Danish additionally have Santa Claus or Julemanden so suppose the little ones to hit the hay by midnight. Christmas morning way gathering around the Christmas tree to open up gifts.

Expect to sign up with a Julefrokost which a Christmas Lunch organized by girlfriend or regional communities. If you’re lucky, you could get invited to a household lunch or familiejulefrokost.

Danish Christmas tables space laden with warm and also cold meats, numerous seafood dishes, and also plenty the cheeses, fruit, and risamalande.

Celebrating brand-new Year in Denmark is additionally an interesting event. Yes, there room fireworks at the stroke of midnight yet there’s lot more.

Expect who to ask friend to jump from any type of raised platform – a chair, a action – also a table! simply don’t walk to high.

This is for an excellent luck in the new year. Intend the same sumptuous infect be ready for new Year’s meals yet the Kransekage is the icing top top the cake – literally.

This is the top Danish new Year’s night dessert i m sorry is a cake shaped favor rings, stack atop each other to form a cone. That is spanned with wealthy white frosting and is served after midnight through champagne.

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Then finally, we need to raise our glasses whenever us hear “Skål” and also toast to great health and also cheer throughout the holidays.