December is comes up and also Christmas is just about the corner. How about learning brand-new vocabulary and getting to understand some Christmas traditions in Brazil for this reason you gain used to the celebration? stop learn just how to say funny Christmas in Portuguese and understand how Brazilians celebrate the holiday throughout the summertime in Brazil, particularly what lock eat because that Christmas dinner. 

So, what go a dry Christmas look like?

Christmas heritages in Brazil

In Brazil, households tend to get together at night during Christmas eve. We contact it Christmas night (Noite de Natal). Human being dress increase in brand-new clothes and a enormous feast is served approximately midnight, where families celebrate the begin of Christmas day. And also when us say family, we do average the whole family. In Brazil, the is common for cousins, second cousins, aunts, and uncles to join the immediate family members for the Christmas celebration. 

Also in ~ midnight, TV broadcasts the Midnight Mass, i beg your pardon is watched by countless Christian civilization in Brazil.

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Gifts are given and also hugs and also greetings are shared. Santa Claus normally leaves presents for the children after they walk to bed, for this reason they have the right to open them on the morning after, ~ above Christmas day. Santa Claus is dubbed Papai Noel in Portuguese however may be also called O Bom Velhinho (The an excellent Old Man) as a nickname.

Many families additionally host mystery Santas, referred to as Amigo Oculto or Amigo Secreto in Brazil, a video game in which us exchange presents within a group.

On December 25th, households get together for lunch as soon as again. However, in most homes, they just eat leftovers from last night, together in Brazil the 25th has actually a much more relaxed feeling to it. In fact, by the finish of the job Christmas is no even commemorated anymore and many bespeak pizza or fast food because that dinner.

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Christmas Decorations

Even though us celebrate Christmas throughout the summertime in Brazil us still follow the exact same Christmas decorations together the ones offered in the north hemisphere. That method snowmen, sleights, stockings, and every one of this stuff to are offered to decorate our homes for Christmas.

The traditional Christmas tree is also popular around everyone’s home, also though the fabricated ones do of plastic are most common.

As a very religious country, numerous Brazilians additionally use nativity scenes as decoration. In fact, this is a an extremely important part of Christmas decoration in Brazil, with nativity scenes of all sizes shown in life rooms, shops, to buy malls, parks, and front yards. 

If you monitor the tradition, Christmas decorations need to be removed on January 6th, when the Epiphany is celebrated. The is once the 3 Wise males paid a visit to the Christ Child.

Christmas Dinner

As we have created before, Brazilians mainly celebrate Christmas top top Christmas eve. Lock reunite the family on the night the the 24th the December and wait because that the arrival of the 25th. A long-standing heritage says Brazilians only eat Christmas dinner as soon as the clock strikes midnight. However, it has come to be a joke nowadays due to the fact that most people are as well hungry by then to wait. Nevertheless, countless families still firmly insist on waiting.

The feist is abundant, with a good variety that food, drinks, and also desserts. Appetizers are also served prior to dinner. Actually, Christmas in Brazil can be represented by lots and lots and lots that food.


Christmas Food

Here is the most traditional Christmas food in Brazil:

Roasted turkeyChester, a special range of chickenRoasted pork legBaked codfish or codfish saladSalpicão, a Brazilian chicken saladPotato saladHoney-glazed hamRice

As for dessert, the most traditional ones are:

Panettone, an Italian kind of sweet bread with coco or candied fruitCondensed milk puddingDried fruitsRabanada, some kind of French toastPavê, some kind of Brazilian tiramisu


How come Say merry Christmas in Portuguese

If you want to wish civilization Merry Christmas in Portuguese, you might say Feliz Natal. Some civilization might also use Boas Festas, which method Happy Holidays.

A usual sentence Brazilians usage to wish everyone happy holidays is «Feliz Natal e um próspero Ano Novo». You will certainly surely find this sentence on society media, shops, and also written on Christmas cards. It have the right to literally be interpreted to «Merry Christmas and also a prosperous brand-new year.»

Christmas Vocabulary

Árvore de NatalChristmas tree
AzevinhoHolly (plant)
Boneco de neveSnowman
CeiaSupper; Christmas dinner
Ornamento de NatalChristmas ornaments
Papai NoelSanta Claus
Pisca-piscaChristmas lights; fairy lights
PresépioNativity scene
Três Reis MagosBiblical Magi; 3 Wise Men
Véspera de NatalChristams eve


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