Street signs. Tune lyrics. Also the name of a hated co-worker. These have been the origins of the name of some of the most well-known rock bands of the "80"s/"90s northwest music scene.

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Northwest Passage

The northwest music scene had actually a ton of goofy band names. Sex through Sarah, Quigzy Stick, Elvis Love Child, Bob"s her Uncle, Mona Lisa Overdrive, and Slam Suzanne were among actual bands the played throughout the grunge era. But even the better-known bands had actually stories behind your names.

Here"s the story behind how some bands, famous and also not-so-famous, acquired their names. Have an ext to include to the list? call us in ~ northwestpassage1

Northwest i

Northwest passage is an exploration of the music step centered about Seattle in the 80s and 90s. This task looks in ~ all elements of the absent scene, not just the part that ended up being known together the "grunge explosion." Learn an ext about Northwest Passage



Alice in Chains


Bikini Kill

Named after the newsletter written by kathleen Hanna, Kathy Wilcox and also Tobi Vail, who title came from a line in a Lois Maffeo-penned cabaret song.

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Blood Circus

According come Blood Circus guitarist Geoff Robinson, the name came from a "motorcycle corridor trash novel indigenous the 60"s."



Name was a indigenous singer Sean Croghan consisted of as a solution to a racism acquaintance, who said he favored to "nigger bash".

Green River

Named ~ a river south of Seattle, wherein a serial killer used to intake his victims after he eliminated them. (related fact: the dad of Alice in chains drummer Sean Kinney was on the task force for the infamous green River serial killer, that was lastly arrested in 2001.)

Mad Season

Named after ~ a English term for the time of the year when psilocybin mushrooms space in bloom. (Band was originally named The Gacy Bunch, after ~ serial killer john Wayne Gacy and also the television show The Brady Bunch.)