Both the them room birds.

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C. Directions: make a table top top a separate sheet of paper. Create the paper definition clues, types of context ideas used and also your own an interpretation for the native w…ritten below. Copy the layout of the offered sample.answer this plsssssss ​
ReflectionDo you possess the ten scientific attitudes? If yes, perform you think about yourself prepared to perform scientific tasks? If no, what will you carry out to gain…those attitudes? compose down your reflection below.​
ND HINDI 7: lesson Additional activities The straightforward tenses or ws room present, Past and Future. To identity se or the bouncheck ~ above the same expressions…. Merome your own sentences complying with the rule on time form verts Toure e decision what revolutionary agrees through your subjects sors and also expressions to create your sentences. Psychic you can to spend the sea of veros Mateh the offered subjects Time Signe the given winds ance Verd Porn subject The eld The Filipino athletes my teacher The police of last week daily next month critical night all the moment teaches safeguard plaved 5.​
11. Eagle is a bird. 12. I witnessed a flying dog. 13. The sunlight is actually a star. 14. Boys are smarter than girls. 15. Humans have the right to live ~ above the moon. 16. Dwa…rfism is a hormone disorder. 17. Our flower garden has actually beautiful fairies. 18. Plants require sunlight in make their very own foods. 19. Filipinos space celebrating independence Day every 12th of June. 20. Corazon C. Aquino is the very first Female president of the Philippines.​
Mastering the skills.Analyze if the explanation is hyperbole or irony. The underlined words will aid you decision on her correct answer. Draw a circle…if you think it is a hyperbole and also a crate of that is an irony.1. An engineer can construct a mansion because that one day.2. Babies can run in ~ 6 months.3. The fire terminal got melted down.4. The kids clapped your hands come the later teacher.5. The sunlight greeted the entirety city with a large smile.​
3. Emerald:______:ruby:red5. Yellow: adjective:eat:____6. ______:health: rich: money1. Third: march: hurry: walk:_______4. ____: b…east::angel:monster6. ____:takes::loser :fallspls who answer this​
1. To fill the end a form accurately is to complete a type by writing the compelled information top top it* is the True or False​

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Directions Multiple an option Select the letter that the correct answer. - In the number 30 782, the number 3 is in the place a ihousands bien thousands a h…undreds å iens 2 In the number 24 560, the digit 4 is in the ar a ten thousands b. Hundreds a thousands d 10s 3. In the number 68 249, the number 2 is in the location a ones b. Ten thousands a hundreds d 10s Li in the number 35 072, the number 7 is in the piace a thousands b. Ten thousands a hundreds d 10s -5 The number 32 648, the number 8 is in the location a people b. Thousands a hundreds d tens​