The bulk of vehicles are made with a bumper, for both practical and cosmetic purposes. Bumpers really often unfortunately, get damaged throughout the process of protecting the rest of the vehicle. In many situations they have the right to be patched up and repaired, yet in cases of severe damages it’s likely the bumper will need to be completely replaced.

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Typically, a bumper replacement costs between $885 – $1389, with prices varying based on the price of the component and the lot of labor time affiliated in the repair. Prior bumper replacement expenses will be various from the price of replacing the rear bumper, and also different manufacturers will certainly charge differing quantities for the parts.

Bumper Replacement price Comparison

We’ve collected some example expenses of having actually a bumper repaired from several of the leading auto fix companies. As result of the nature that this repair, costs can differ substantially based on the extent of the damage.

Your Mechanic

Parts & labor12 months$841 – $1628


Parts & labor12 months$811 – $1547

Mr. Tire

Parts & labor12 months$899 – $1465

Pep Boys

Parts & labor6 Months$826 – $1678


PartsLimited$299 – $940


PartsLimited$180 – $1204

What is the Bumper?

A car’s bumper, normally made indigenous aluminium, steel, plastic, or rubber, is a safety shield placed at both the front and back end that the car. That acts as a shock absorber in the occasion of a low-speed collision, and also helps to reduce damage to the vehicle. Part bumpers are made v foam material that acts as a cushion, when others have actually brackets or power absorbers for the very same purpose.

The services of Bumper Replacement

As stated above, dare are manufactured with bumpers not only to do them look at good, but also to protect the rest of the car from gift damaged in the occasion of a low-speed accident.

Scratches, dings and dents do happen with everyday use, and also corrosion and also rust also happen sometimes, all of which not just make your vehicle look unappealing, but lead to her bumper ending up being weaker as well.

Bumper replacement will likewise maintain the smooth, aerodynamic look at of her car, which will certainly make it fetch a greater price, must you want to offer it at part point. The will additionally ensure it’s in the best possible condition to protect you and your car in the occasion of a collision.

When should You have a Bumper Replaced?

Just like most other things, automobile bumpers also suffer wear and tear, not just from being connected in accidents, but additionally through daily driving, which reasons dents, cracks, and also dings to appear over time. Rust and corrosion space a trouble which not just lowers the as whole appearance of your vehicle, yet will likewise cause her bumpers to weaken.

Examine your bumpers, and if you notice the presence of any type of of the above faults, climate it’s time to consider replacing them. This will not only offer you peace of mind as to the extra safety of her vehicle, yet it will make your auto look good again too.

What Happens throughout Bumper Replacement?

Bumper designs have readjusted over the years, with new bumpers being a lot much easier to change than their old-style cousins, not only because of diminished weight of bumpers these days, but likewise because the the way they space attached to the vehicle.

New-style bumpers consists a flexible plastic skin, normally painted the same color as the rest of the vehicle, mounted on shock-absorbing foam (Styrofoam) that is attached to the yes, really bumper structure. In the bulk of cases, the is just the skin that demands replacing, uneven the framework itself is damaged. Following are the different steps associated with bumper replacement:

Determine the level of damages – a lot of frustration will certainly be avoided if you find out for details whether the is just the skin that requirements replacing, or the entire bumper.Using a flashlight, lied under the former of your car, and also examine what demands to it is in done. Jack the vehicle up if that is also close come the ground.Make a keep in mind of all the damaged parts, check to watch if just the skin is damaged or the whole bumper framework – because that example, whether it is bent back at all.See if any other components are damaged, and also if you’re unsure, compare the part to the same component on the other side of the car.Replacing the bumper skin – relying on the automobile itself, the skin deserve to be just on the bumper, or can go greater up come the top of the grille, which is collection into the bumper.A collection of fasteners around the perimeter of the skin host it in place. Typical Phillips-head screws deserve to be eliminated with a screwdriver, and the pop-in fasteners have the right to be pried off with a little flat tongue screwdriver.Locate all these fasteners and also remove them v the suitable tool, and also then remove the skin through prying it turn off each that the wheel wells, i beg your pardon will enable it to move forwards freely. After releasing the bumper turn off both wheels, it should lift off quite easily.Paint the skin if important – the is much less complicated to paint the skin while it is turn off the car, so perform this prior to replacing it. Although that is feasible to repaint it yourself with touch-up spray have the right to paint, it is highly unlikely the you will get a perfect color match, so the is best to acquire an auto human body shop to perform this for you.It is a lot less complicated to study the bumper structure and the foam through the skin removed – they will have to be replaced too, if damaged.Four bolts host the bumper come the car, and you will must lie on your earlier under the automobile in order to situate them top top the behind of the bumper structure. Eliminate them through a ratchet and correct size socket. Spraying them v a light lubricating oil will make it less complicated to eliminate them.Working in the precise opposite direction to exactly how you gotten rid of the old bumper, download the new bumper. Avoid tightening any kind of of the bolts till they room all in place, since just a tiny displacement of the bumper will certainly make the just around impossible to insert any further bolts.Install the brand-new bumper skin – remove any type of lights indigenous the old skin, and also replace lock in the brand-new one. The brand-new bumper skin will be installed over the bumper framework in exactly the same position as the old one.Once friend have collection the skin in place, pull the ends over the wheel wells, making sure that the bumper is in appropriate alignment v the rest of the car’s body panels. Transition the skin about to acquire all the fasteners started, tightening lock only once all the fasteners have actually been started. Pushing the plunger on any kind of pop-in fasteners will tighten them.Once the skin has actually been fully installed, reconnect lights that were disconnected.

It is an extremely important that security is taken into factor to consider when replacing bumpers on your car. Jack stands need to be offered to support the car, rather of a jack, i beg your pardon is only meant to lift the vehicle. Any kind of movement and also the auto will topple off the jack. Use the jack to lift the car, then location jack stands at strategic areas to make sure that the auto is firmly in place prior to lying under it to work-related on her bumper. Friend should likewise wear safety goggles to prevent dirt and debris indigenous falling right into your eye while you room working under the car.

How to conserve Money ~ above Bumper Replacement

Car bumper repair expense can be very expensive, particularly if you have the task done through professionals. By doing the project yourself, girlfriend will conserve a most money in job charges, and only pay because that the parts you need to complete the job. You can save even an ext money, if girlfriend order the components you require online, from one of the countless aftermarket components suppliers the are uncovered on the Internet.

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Sample prices for Bumper Replacement

We’ve compiled some prices for having actually the bumper replaced on a selection of popular vehicle models to assist give girlfriend an idea of what you will do it pay for her car. There have the right to be large differences in the labor costs involved, particulalry if the damages to the area is severe.

Ford F-Series$500 – $700$385 – $689$885 – $1,389
Chevrolet Silverado$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Ford Focus$500 – $700$385 – $689$885 – $1,389
Toyota Camry$500 – $700$458 – $921$958 – $1,621
Toyota Corolla$500 – $700$458 – $921$958 – $1,621
Nissan Altima$500 – $700$316 – $475$816 – $1,175
Honda CR-V$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Honda Civic$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Honda Accord$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Ford Fusion$500 – $700$385 – $689$885 – $1,389