Most vehicle manufacturers spend a many time ensuring their vehicles are in good working order before releasing them come buyers. In some situations, the troubles do no become noticeable until owners start experiencing them. When this happens, the agency has to concern a recall for the repairs and also service.

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Is over there a recall top top the 2016 Honda Pilot Touring multiplex control unit? 

The answer here is no, however there space some other involves related to the electrical system that could be related. This automobile has a complete of 3 recalls top top it, including these:

Fuel tank may have insufficient weldsImproper software to module FMVSSRear seat belt might be trapped


The an excellent news is we will certainly take a look at each of this recalls. We will likewise discuss the owner’s complaints pertained to the electrical system in the vehicle and how those may influence you. It is always important to stay up to date on the latest recalls, i beg your pardon you deserve to do in ~ Vehicle History.

Multiplex control Unit Complaints

Numerous owners have issued cases of troubles with the Pilot vehicle’s Multiplex control Unit (MICU). This component combine the under-dash fuse and also the relay box. That is a component the controls various systems within the car. This consists of the human body controller area and the secure system in the vehicle.

Some owners report the vehicle’s MICU had to be replaced within a few years the ownership. They provided that the electrical system just fails. This unit controls locations as far-ranging from the chair belt reminder display screens to the interlock system. It also controls the wipers and also the power door locks. Owner reported electrical-related troubles with every of this systems.

Other owners detailed the problems were sudden, arising without warning. They also listed complete failure through no method to get the dash materials to irradiate up again. Some also reported that they had the repair taken care of and also had secondary issues through it.

As that September of 2020, Honda has actually not authorize a recall because that the MICU system. That means that owners will have to pay for those costs out-of-pocket. This may adjust at some suggest in the future if sufficient complaints occur. At this time, there room a report 235 complaints pertained to the car’s electric system.

Fuel Tank May have Insufficient Welds

NHTSA recall ID: 16V417000


In June of 2016, Honda issued a recall for the 2016 Pilot 2WD and also 4WD vehicles. This is pertained to the vehicle’s fuel system. In influenced vehicles, the installation process was no performed properly. As a result, these fuel tanks were installed with insufficient welds. That way that, while in operation, the welds might break, leading to the fuel tank separating native the vehicle or a cracked occurring. This can reason a fuel leak.

A fuel leak have the right to lead to many risks to owners. If a leak occurs wherein there is an ignition source, a fire can occur. The vehicle can likewise stall. In both cases, this deserve to increase the risk of one accident occurring.

Honda authorize a an alert to all owners. The then had the dealerships bring the car in for serving that the fuel tanks. This had replacing most fuel tanks. Repairs started in July the 2016.

Improper software program to Module FMVSS

NHTSA remind ID: 15V668000

This recall is the most likely electrical system concern related to some owner complaints regarding the MICU system. It involves the vehicle’s safety and security system screen warnings. Note that this does not apply to all provided owner concerns, though.

This recall only affects the 2016 Honda Pilot vehicles v 2WD and manufactured between May 4, 2015 and also September 8, 2015, as well as the Honda Pilot 4WD vehicles made between May 7, 2015 and also September 4, 2015. In this cars, the tool panel may not effectively illuminate warning signals.

These warning signs include anti-lock braking signals, digital stability control malfunctions, and also tire pressure monitoring concerns. When these vehicles, the warning lights might illuminate as soon as the ignition is off and also then turned back on, however not all of the time.

As a an outcome of this, the safety mechanism does not carry out the ideal warning to chauffeurs operating the vehicle. This is a failure of the federal Motor automobile Safety conventional number 126, “Electronic stability manage system,” and the “Light automobile brake system” and the “Tire push monitoring system.”

To fix this problem, Honda notified all owners. They then had dealerships administer a software application update come the tool cluster. This assisted to exactly the software problem. The recall repairs began in December the 2015.

Rear seat Belt might be Trapped

NHTSA recall ID: 15V424000

Honda approve a recall on the seatbelts top top the 2016 Honda Pilot Touring for just those vehicles manufactured from may 4, 2015 v June 5, 2015. In these cars, the third-row seatbelts may come to be trapped. The seatbelts deserve to slide under the rear seat and also rear sideliner, making lock inaccessible because that passengers come use. This is resulted in by one assembly problem.

If the seatbelts room inaccessible, climate the passengers are unrestrained. In the occasion of an accident, this deserve to increase the risk of injury come those individuals.

Honda had dealerships examine the seatbelts in all influenced cars. If there was a problem, castle repaired or replaced them because that owners.

How perform You take care of an open up Recall on the 2016 Honda Pilot Touring?

To discover out if the MICU has been issued together a recall, visit the nationwide Highway security Traffic administration (NHTSA) website. Enter the VIN the the vehicle. This bring up all connected recalls because that that automobile that still need to be serviced. If over there is an open up recall, owners can then call Honda customer business at 1-310-783-2000. They will certainly tell you wherein to go to obtain the vehicle recalls serviced.

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If you perform not have actually the VIN number, you can still use the NHTSA website. Enter the make, model, and also year to view the most present list of recalls.