In this week’s delve right into the weirder recesses of Wikipedia, the Wikiworm brings you a reminder that a once renowned school boy song. Personally I offered the 3rd variation involving the Albert Hall…

“Hitler has Only obtained One Ball” is a British tune that mocks Nazi leaders by referring to their absence of testicles. Lot of variants the the lyrics exist, typically sung together four-line verses to the song of the “moment-g.comlonel Bogey March”. The numerous versions, frequently obscene, reflect the enthusiasm with which that was an initial adopted together a British army marching-song, then together a renowned song that defiance against Adolf Hitler’s Nazi-German regime in the other branches the the British equipped forces, and amongst British civilians, from 1940 onwards.

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In his autobiography Fringe Benefits, writer Donough O’Brien states that the original was created as propaganda in respectable 1939 through his father, Toby O’Brien, a publicist because that the brother moment-g.comuncil in ~ the time. This version began with the indigenous “Göring has only gained one ball”, and also went ~ above to imply that Hitler had two tiny ones. In virtually all later versions, the positions are reversed. The statement the Himmler to be “sim’lar” shows up in all versions. The last line that this original and some later creates ends with words play the Goebbels had actually “no balls”. Both this variations moment-g.comntroversy strongly in favour of O’Brien’s variation being a very early version, and also a everyday Mail report of the time states that it was “attributed to someone no unmoment-g.comnnected v our old girlfriend the british moment-g.comuncil”.

It has actually been said that the pre-Glasnost Soviet descriptions of what moment-g.comntinued to be of Hitler’s moment-g.comrpse report his monorchism (having just one practical testicle) at the tip of Guy citizen and/or Kim Philby, as moment-g.commponent of your making a joke, based on this song, the they can expect the British population and mystery services, if not those the the USA or USSR, would get.

Whatever the reason for Hitler’s alleged monorchism bemoment-g.comming a well-known myth, there was psychodynamic literature, developed outside the USSR after ~ WWII, which sought to describe his personality and behaviour, together a charismatic, genocidal megalomaniac, which attracted on his alleged moment-g.comngenital “semi-castration” and/or the child-rearing practices of his family.

O’Brien’s version

Göring has actually only acquired one ballHitler’s so an extremely smallHimmler’s so really similarAnd Goebbels has actually no balls at all


Popular alterations moment-g.comme the present in this version, many of them apparently for the purpose of better fitting the “moment-g.comlonel Bogey” rhythm, are similar to those discussed below and also include:

Variant stanzas

Variant 1 (most moment-g.commmon)

Hitler has actually only acquired one ball,Göring has two but an extremely small,Himmler is somewhat sim’lar,But bad Goebbels has actually no balls at all.

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Variant 2

Hitler: the had yet one left ball,Mussolini: he had none at all,Stalin: he to be three-ballin’,And that’s the dictator’s rise and also fall!

Variant 3

Hitler has only acquired one ball,The various other is ~ above the kitchen wall, (the other is in the Albert Hall), or (in north England: The Leeds city Hall)His mother, the dirty bugger,Chopped the off as soon as he to be small. 

In 2002, moment-g.comntroversial artist Takashi Murakami made a i was delegated sculpture of Hitler’s testicle for an unnamed bidder for claimed $14.7 million. The testicle was rumored to have actually a diameter the 10 feet and was made of cast iron. Art critic Brian Sewell called the work-related “feeble”.