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Caitlyn native Royersford, PaI love this song! Its really sweet and also relateable due to the fact that everybody knows a girl with a jerk boyfriend the doesnt worthy herHunter from southern West, MiI completely agree with Melissa, Toledo. I have actually been to a couple of sites to try and discover songs through this band, and i uncover nothing. Its weird too due to the fact that this track was top top a now thats what i speak to music cd.Its not favor their unknown or nothing. That strangeAnother band im having actually a tough time detect is The living End.Vicky indigenous Cincinnati, OhHe just says "Nintendo" after too stoned to do it rhyme. The bugs me. And also he says too stoned means too much.Other 보다 that a pretty an excellent song.Melissa indigenous ToledoI really like this song. It sucks that not a many of world know around American Hi-Fi. They"re a really an excellent band.Azzie native Manitoba, CanadaI"ve seen this tune titled "Flavor the the Week" which ns think suits my translate of the a lot of better. There"s a girl and she"s totally in love through her boyfriend, but he doesn"t yes, really care about her and also there space a million girl he desire she to be instead. There"s additionally another man who sees this. He likes the girl and wants to display her that her friend doesn"t really care about her and she"s simply the "flavor that the week".Melita from Wilts, EnglandGreat song. Not totally sure about the video clip (oh well, who cares, the is the music that matters). Yeah, that"s every I need to say around that.Marcus from Royersford, PaActually, the arts of losing and the breakup track are pretty great too. That"s just what ns dled through themFgjdfgjdsfgj from Halifax, Canadanot over there only an excellent song world just aren"t conscious of there other great onesAmanda from Galeton, PaThis tune is awesome. Certain it"s the only good song by this guys, but hey that doesn"t matter, currently does it? see much more comments
somebody That I used To KnowGotye

45% that the royalties because that "Somebody that I provided To Know" go to the heritage of the Brazilian timeless guitarist Luiz Bonfá, whose song "Seville" Gotye sampled.

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due to the fact that U to be GoneKelly Clarkson

Dr. Luke and also Max Martin originally wrote Kelly Clarkson"s "Since U to be Gone" v Pink in mind but she turned that down.

AlejandroLady Gaga

The songs on Lady Gaga"s The reputation Monster album stand for a "fear" of part "monster." "Alejandro" is she "fear of sex" monster.

comes HomeDiddy - Dirty Money

"Coming Home" by Diddy - Dirty Money was initially iwritten because that for T.I., that was gaining out of jail at the time.


Zach Hanson was simply 11 years and 7 month old when "MMMbop" topped the warm 100 making him the youngest team member to co-write and also perform a united state #1 single.

to dance QueenABBA

ABBA"s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson conceived "Dancing Queen" as a dance song with the working title "Boogaloo," illustration inspiration native the 1974 George McCrae disco fight "Rock her Baby." their manager Stig Anderson come up v the title "Dancing Queen."

Laura NyroSongwriting Legends In Their own Words

Laura Nyro talks around her complex, emotionally well-off songwriting and also how she supports women"s culture through her art.

The PoliceFact or Fiction

Do their an initial three albums have French titles? Is "De carry out Do Do, De Da Da Da" really meaningless? see if you deserve to tell in this reality or Fiction.

Andy McClusky the OMDSongwriter Interviews

Known in America for the fight "If girlfriend Leave," OMD is a substantial influence on contemporary electronic music.

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dUg Pinnick the King"s XSongwriter Interviews

dUg dIgs right into his King"s X steel classics and his plenty of side projects, including the one v Jeff Ament that Pearl Jam.

Motley CrueFact or Fiction

Was Dr. Feelgood a dentist? did the "Crüecifixion" really happen?

Jack Tempchin - "Peaceful easy Feeling"They"re playing My tune

When a waitress wouldn"t take it him home, Jack composed what would end up being one the the Eagles many enduring hits.