I have to hold the manage down to do the washing up my toilet completely. I took a look inside and also I am wondering if it has something to execute with the chain or the flapper. Ns am noticing that the flapper go not continue to be up unless the handle is being held down.

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Does this do sense? Does the sound choose I require a brand-new flapper or can it it is in something else altogether?



First try shortening the chain, it sounds prefer the chain is no pulling the flapper previous the breaking point (the suggest where that stays open up on the own).

If that doesn"t work, girlfriend can try replacing the flapper.


Tester"s prize is the much more likely, yet here"s something else to save in mind.

Newer flappers have an adjustment wherein you have the right to turn them to flush faster or slower. This to adjust an wait hole in between straight increase (faster flush) to the side (slower flush). Wait bubbles out of the hole and also water gets suck in the bottom until it"s heavy sufficient to autumn closed.

So now, if you have one of this designs, girlfriend may simply need come twist it to the appropriate setup (there"s typically some numbers composed on it and also you deserve to feel a distinctive clicking together you twist it). But I can additionally see some debris acquiring stuck in the drainpipe hole resulting in water to remain in the flapper, so the it never ever resets come be complete of air. If that"s the case, clean the bottom off, or as Tester says, change it.


The flapper to be falling under too rapid unless I held the handle. We quit up the hole in next of the flapper with marine tape. The flapper drops slower now and the toilet flushes great. We also tried shortening chains, etc and also nothing rather worked.


Be sure to follow the instructions because that installation for the certain flapper the you"ve purchases. Together others have mentioned, make sure the chain length is tight sufficient to open the valve far enough to open. It "should" float up after it passes a specific point.

In mine case, ns bought a Fluidmaster universal Flapper. It has actually holes on every side to connect to the knobs on the fill tube. It additionally has a sleeve to walk over the fill tube if the to fill tube does NOT have actually knobs to attach it on. It needs to be set up one way OR the other, not both.

If there room knobs to affix to and also the sleeve is slid over the fill tube, it will certainly be "spring loaded" to stay in the close up door position. If there space knobs, reduced the sleeve part off per instructions.

Clean the water jet feet at bottom, opposite of drainpipe (I used a hanger). Build up ~ a few years, restricts circulation into tank

If there’s a steel arm that pulls the flapper up, simply bend the so the chain traction the flapper ago (toward the overflow pipe) and up. Friend can additionally bend the arm upwards or downwards to obtain the chain size right. I simply fixed two toilets v this difficulty by bending the arm right into the right position.

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