While you"re exploring the external locations of Echo Village, you might alert pets running around. These wild pets live in the Forest location, River location, and also Mountain location. The animals won"t assault you, but they will certainly run ameans once they view you. They are scared of people, however with a tiny little bit of job-related you have the right to earn their trust. Sometimes once you enter a room you will not view the wild pets if you"ve arrived also early on for them to show up. Just exit the area and also come back in to find them.

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The areas outside of tvery own aren"t the only place that you"ll find wild animals. When you usage the Travel Agency to visit much ameans areas, you"ll uncover brand-new kinds of skittish wild pets. Tright here are 10 kinds of wild animals (+1 key one) that live roughly Echo Village and 6 types that are distinct to the vacation places.

Friendship Basics


To raise your friendship via the wild pets you"ll have to give them food. In this version of Harvest Moon you offer the food just like a normal present; you do not throw it on the ground favor in Tales of Two Towns. Different animals have various gift choices, yet none of them choose cooked foods or non-edible items. Crops, fish, and animal products are all you need. Giving a Big or Giant sized crop will certainly not earn you bonus animal Friendship Points.

The wild pet groups have actually a maximum friendship level of 1000 points. This friendship level is invisible, however you have the right to get a basic idea on just how well you are progressing by watching how the pets react to you. If the pet runs away, it has actually less than 300 FP. If it tolerates you, then you have actually in between 300 and 700 Friendship Points. When it walks in the direction of you with music notes spewing out of its head, then you recognize you have actually more than 700 FP.

Once per day you deserve to feed an pet and talk or lift it to increase your friendship. You only must execute this to among the animals from a family of pets. For example, you only should feed one of the brvery own sparrows to affect every one of the brown sparrows" friendship for that day. Also, the various colors of animals are not linked together; feeding the oselection boars will not affect your friendship via the brvery own boars. This implies that the various colored pets could have actually different gift choices than the basic versions.

Give food:
(+10 FP) Animals prefer a variety of food. If you see a squiggly mark appear once you try to hand also over a gift, it is either a kind of food that pet doesn"t favor.Pick up: (+5 FP) The little animals have the right to be lifted above your head to raise their friendship. At the beginning you"ll check out an annoyed scribble icon appear, but that is okay; you are still affecting the group"s friendship level.Talk: (+5 FP) Some of the pets are also significant to pick up, so your just alternative is to stand alongside them and also push A to talk. The large pets are the boars, bears, ducks, and also yetis.

There are methods you deserve to decrease your friendship too. If you hit an pet with a tool, you will lose 20 FP via that animal family. Hit it five times and also that is -100 FP! Also, carry out not litter by throwing items right into the River. Each item you toss right into the water will lead to a -10 FP hit for every one of the wild pets. The villagers don"t prefer litterbugs and also neither do the wild animals.

The ducks and also turtles are distinct because gifts to them are worth double; +20 FP for presents and +10 for talk/lift. The ducks are tough to gift given that they"re always swimming about the River water (not easily accessible), and also the turtles are vital to befriend to reach the bit island also in the Southern Island.

Village Wild Animals

The wildlife roughly the village will certainly appear once you walk into an area. The pets will appear on the hour-mark, so if you do not view an animal, then leave the location till X:00 am/pm and then walk back right into the location.

Bears: These bears won"t attack you, aren"t obtainable in the time of the Winter, just show up on sunny days from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, and come in two colors. The brown bears deserve to be uncovered in any type of of the three wilderness areas. The black bears will appear in the Foremainder or River locations once you reach 500 Friendship Points through the brvery own bears.Boars: The wild pigs come in 2 colors, and show up between 6:00 am and also 6:00 pm on sunny or snowy days. The ovariety boars appear in all three locations. The brown boars will show up when you"ve reached 500 Friendship Points through the orange boars, and only show up in the Forest and also River areas.Ducks: The ducks have the right to just be uncovered in the River location, wbelow they randomly swim approximately. This renders it challenging to provide them food gifts, bereason you need to wait until a duck swims close enough to hand also over your present. The green ducks shows up during sunny Spring and Summer days, and also the white ducks are in the time of sunny Fall and also Winter days. The white ducks will not unlock until you have the required 500 points of friendship via the green ducks.Foxes: The foxes just live in the Foremainder location from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In Spring and also Summer you"ll find the yellow fox on sunny days in the flower patch eastern of the mine. In Fall and Winter you"ll find the white foxes on the ledge next to the western Elder Tree. If you haven"t raised the yellow foxes" friendship to at leastern 500 FP, you will not find the white foxes.Monkeys: The brown chimpanzees are around on sunny days in all three areas until 6:00 pm.Rabbits: These creatures will certainly come out in between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The black rabbits are in the River area on sunny days during Spring, Summer, and also Fall. The white rabbits are in the Mountain area on sunny Fall days and also sunny or snowy Winter days, and also call for you to have actually 500 Friendship Points through the babsence rabbits to unlock.Sparrows: These little bit brown birds deserve to be discovered in all 3 locations between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm on non-stormy days.Tanuki: These are evening animals and also you"ll discover them after 6:00 pm. The ovariety tanukies are available all year lengthy, however the brvery own tanukies just appears in Spring and also Summer after you"ve elevated your friendship via the ovariety tanukies to 500 or more Friendship Points.

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Weasel: Tbelow is only one shade of weasel in the wild areas. It is an evening creature (6pm to midnight) and also have the right to be found in any type of of the 3 locations. It just comes out on sunny days.