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Tonight on the CW’s HART of DIXIE returns with a brand-new episode called, “Take Me Home, nation Roads.” on tonight’s present Brick is ready to let the city know about his connection with Shelby (guest star Laura Bell Bundy), but Lemon (Jaime King) and also Magnolia (guest star Claudia Lee) room doing everything they can to remove her.. Did you watch last week’s episode? us did and we recapped it below for you!

On critical week’s illustration George’s parents came to visit, they to be thrown as soon as they satisfy his new girlfriend, Tansy, and also George’s mom devises a plan that pressures George and Zoe to attend to their feelings because that one another. Lemon discovers that Brick has a mystery girlfriend and is shocked as soon as she find out who it is. Meanwhile, Annabeth is smitten v a charming brothers visitor come the town, but Lavon grows suspicious of him and is identified to i found it his real identity.

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On tonight’s display DISCOVERING WHAT IS crucial — George (Scott Porter) is given the duty of city hall Tansy’s (guest star Mircea Monroe) many prized possession, her dog, yet panics as soon as the dog goes missing. Go (Wilson Bethel) starts to feeling frustrated through the absence of alone time through Zoe (Rachel Bilson), particularly when she is focused much more on not shedding her great status in the town to a new doctor, Jonah (guest star Travis valve Winkle), who additionally happens to be Brick’s (Tim Matheson) nephew.

Brick is ready to let the town know about his connection with Shelby (guest star Laura Bell Bundy), yet Lemon (Jaime King) and Magnolia (guest star Claudia Lee) room doing every little thing they deserve to to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) wants to take it a opportunity on a brand-new relationship, but an initial has to clear the air v one person. Jeremiah Chechik directed the episode composed by Carter Covington.

Tonight’s episode looks choose it is going to be good and girlfriend won’t desire to miss it, for this reason be certain to track in for our live coverage the CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 afternoon EST! While friend wait because that our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think the Hart of Dixie Season 2, so far! likewise check the end a sneak peek of tonight’s illustration below!

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Dr. Z come in ~ an all-nighter at the doctor’s office and she’s tired, yet optimistic because after she took treatment of everyone throughout the flu epidemic, appears they’ve all decided she’s trustworthy. Z is telling Lavon just how cool everyone in city is treating her but she notices he’s distracted and also she wants to know what girl he’s looking for. The tells her he can’t tell her till he to know the thing is a thing and also bails ~ above her.

AB to walk up and also Lavon tells her just how amazing the various other night to be – seems favor they go the horizontal square dance. He claimed she sounded favor it to be amazing and also she agrees that was however says the complicated.

In the edge shop, Frank offers Zoe a nice party of Pinot and also she’s thrilled. But then he takes the from her and also gives it to Jonah – a complete hunk – who claims he demands it to celebrate her going out to dinner v him. She tells him she currently has a “friend” and also he states that’s surprising. She leaves, irritated.

Esther comes in and asks for Brick. That’s the 3rd patient this particular day who has asked because that her instead of Brick. She tells him the entirety town is her BFF due to the fact that the flu hit. Currently Brick is irritated…

And following in line because that irritation is Lemon that is sitting with abdominal muscle when Shelby come in every chatty about her san Antonio pilgrimage with Brick. Shelby tells Lemon the Brick wants a party because that his birthday this weekend therefore he deserve to formally present her together his girl.Magnolia comes in and also Shelby gives her a sweet compliment, yet Mags isn’t buying it. Lemon says they will be rid of she soon and Mags is excited that her large sister is plotting. Ab says the heart desires what that wants but Lemon fires earlier that we space not animals and can regulate who we sleep with. Uh-oh.

Zoe is getting ready to leave when ab comes in – she wants a consult and Brick says she should see him, but she refuses. Ab thinks the pimple on she lip is VD since God is punishing her. Climate Z figures out that it’s abdominal muscle that Lavon is sweet on. She speak her that she needs to tell Lemon since if she finds the end on she own, she’ll be insane. Abdominal muscle asks her to duty play part scenarios so she messages Wade and also tells the she’ll be late.

When she ultimately makes that home, she find him conked out and also a beautiful dinner gone cold – aww – he also got she red roses… next day in ~ the Rammer Jammer, she find Jonah and Wade chatting. Transforms out Jonah is Lemon’s cousin – Brick’s nephew. Zoe pulls Wade aside and promises to do it as much as him – he asks because that sex – she claims she desires to do much more – and also he asks for an ext sex. They do plans come head to a searching cabin because that the weekend to get busy getting busy.

Brick and also Lemon space chatting around his party and Shelby and also she’s asking her dad if he’s really serious. The asks she to offer Shelby a chance. Jonah to walk up and also they walk crazy with pleasure at him gift there. Brick beginning bragging come Jonah around Lemon 2.0 being selfless and kinder – a newer enhanced Lemon. Jonah asks if AB’s divorce is done – he’s constantly had a point for her.

AB is practicing telling Lemon her large news when Lavon calls. He claims things seem weird because they (you know) and also asks if they can talk over dinner. She says yes, climate no, then yes and also then speak him she’s got to take treatment of something first.Tansy’s dog Dolly Parton is chewing George’s shoe and he’s irritated (irritated is the template of tonight’s show) around it. He tells her that he likes her except when she licking his confront while he’s sleeping, eat his shoes and also carrying on. Tansy asks him come babysit Dolly when she goes come Birmingham to execute hair in ~ a car show and he pretends to expropriate it however he’s uber-annoyed.

At Brick’s date of birth planning party, Shelby, Lemon and also Magnolia room chatting. Shelby says “Getting Wiggy v It” where everyone has to wear a wig. Lemon no impressed v the ideas, but plays along and also tells Shelby to choose her favorite and also they’ll walk along and also help. Shelby hugs them and tells them that feels choose she has actually two new sisters. She rushes out to shop. Mags is upset that Lemon no scheming and she says she’s make the efforts to be better. Abdominal comes in and also asks exactly how Lemon and also her BF Walt room doing and Lemon says they’re good, but abdominal muscle is still struggling come tell her.Lemon sets up Jonah and ab for a dinner day that night and won’t take no for solution – abdominal muscle can’t seem come muster any kind of objections – awkward.

Brick and also Zoe are having actually a physician off to view who will acquire the weekend off. Brick wants off for his party and also Zoe for she tryst with Wade. Whichever is the very first to cure the next patient that comes in will get the weekend off. A mom comes in with her kid (about 3 or four) who hasn’t been able to poop in days. Fun! back to the wake up theme. Maybe among them have the right to aggravate the poo out of the kid!

Zoe tries come bribe Henry (the munchkin) but Brick wins by threaten him v an enema. Therefore Brick gets the weekend off and also is happy yet then is crushed when Frank comes in to view Zoe rather of him. Z apologizes come Wade that is glum.

Brick tells Lemon the it’s not a an excellent time come tell anyone he’s see Shelby in spite of what that said because of his decreased reputation in the town since Zoe blew up. They talk around cancelling the party.

AB is the end at the Rammer Jammer through Jonah on she “date” as soon as Lavon walks up on them and then go out. She chases ~ him and also says it’s not a real date. She describes that she tried to tell Lemon, yet the faux day with Jonah was a test from Lemon. Lavon tells abdominal muscle they’ve both relocated on, but abdominal muscle makes a face and also Lavon realizes Lemon may not more than her.

George finds Dolly Parton in his bed and tells she to go to the couch. Instead, she heads out the door of the boat while George crashes. Uh-oh.

Wade hits up Jonah to to fill in because that Zoe end the weekend – transforms out he’s a doc. Zoe is a tiny hesitant and says she can’t leaving her patients through a stranger. A mrs comes in for assist and is dazzling to view Jonah. Seems like he’s no a stranger after all! Jonah shoos Zoe and also Wade the end the door and also tells them to have actually fun.

Tansy comes earlier from she gig in Birmingham all smiles, in search of Dolly Parton. George tells she Dolly slept on the couch. The dog is not there and Tansy is freaking out. She speak him the Dolly is the one point she’s constantly been maybe to count on in life. George tells she to do a flyer and she asks if she need to use a photo of Dolly smiling.

At the searching cabin, Zoe is focused on checking her messages and also is irritated the there’s no signal. Go is irritated that she is thinking about work and also not him. She watch she missed a call from abdominal muscle and heads out to climb a hill to get signal.

Mags meets up v Shelby and tells her the her dad cancels his birthday party every year and that they then throw him a surprise party. Uh-oh. Magnolia is scheming. Shelby was concerned Brick wasn’t prepared to introduce her to his friends but Mags reassures her the she’s like a pretty new Barbie, barely out of the box.

Zoe is talk to ab when Lavon beeps in. Zoe confesses that Lemon still had actually feelings for him as recently as the Mayoral election. Climate she gets a beep indigenous a patience – Cody – who sprained ankle is swelling. She speak him she’s the end of town and also he states he’ll have actually Jonah look at it as soon as they every head come the doctor’s office later. She wants to know what’s walk on however then the contact drops – and also then she topples under the hill right into the mud.

Lavon comes to see ab and speak her that Lemon has moved on and that they worthy to it is in happy. Lock kiss ideal there v the door open. Lavon asks if he must tell Lemon and she says no and also he gladly accepts and also bails out.

Z comes back to the cabin every muddy and also Wade is laughing at her. She’s concerned about what’s walking on at the doctor’s office and also Wade tells she it might be among Jonah’s epos poker games. He tells her that she’s enjoying every the fist a little too much. She it s okay smart and says it’s called career satisfaction which the would know if… Zoe stop there, yet it’s as well late – she just epically insulted him. Walking tells she he’ll take her home.

Brick is toasting Shelby and the girls for a lovely date of birth dinner. Lemon it s okay a message inviting she to their dad’s birthday party. Lemon drags Magnolia far from the table and also is outraged through her small sister’s scheming. Mags says she assumed she would be proud. Lemon is dislike – an ext like through herself. Magnolia persuaded Shelby come jump out of a cake and do a sexy dance but she confesses in ~ the critical minute and also Shelby asks if this was her arrangement to remove her. Mags claims yes and Shelby thanks her and she and Brick leave. Reportedly there was an “emergency” that he has to deal with at the doctor’s office.

George is looking almost everywhere for Dolly Parton and also finds her near the docks crying. She’s scared of the water and is whining and he can’t get to her. The remembers the Tansy said him singing Jolene can calm she down. He needs to sing the loud and also in full prior to the frightened doggie will pertained to him. Aww.

Back in town, walking is dropping Z off together she tries come apologize. She claims she’ll inspect in at the office and then accomplish him and he tells her to take she time. Zoe heads right into the office and finds the entirety town there. She blows up in ~ them all and also accuses castle of transforming on she in donate of Jonah. She speak them all “shame top top you.” however then Brick comes in and they all yell “surprise” leaving her red challenged at her foot in mouth situation.

Magnolia called Shelby that her dad cancelled the party since he thought people finding out they were with each other would damage his practice. Shelby no look too pleased at hearing around Brick’s being feasible ashamed of her. Matter of fact, she look at downright irritated – the layout of this episode!

Mags comes up to Lemon at the party and also reveals she called Shelby the cake to be a bad idea. Lemon seems to think the crisis is averted. Abdominal muscle comes and pulls Lemon aside – Lemon wants to know about her date with Jonah. Abdominal tells her the she has actually feelings for Lavon – feelings that took she by surprise. Lemon asks if miscellaneous has currently happened in between them and abdominal admits it has. Lemon bring away a deep breath and also says she’s been trying hard to it is in kind and forgiving, yet she feels choose being unladylike. She tells abdominal she deserve to never look at she the same means ever again.

Bricks speak Lemon his party is fun yet wants to recognize where Shelby is. That’s when the large cake come in and Shelby comes out of the doing a sexy run to Fever! Brick is in finish shock.

Jonah joins Zoe ~ above the measures outside and also says the party just took a revolve for the weird. The tells her he misses Bluebell and that it’s hard to leaving a place like this. That tells her he continues to be in touch with all points Bluebell by analysis Dash’s blog. He claims they always say quite things around her – he claims that if Brick has a couple of drinks in him, he’ll even admit she nice.

Jonah says he’s thinking around opening increase an office there. She speak him that there are enough doctors and Breelands in town.

By the moment Shelby finishes up her dance, Brick is entranced and the rest of the city is digging it. Anyone applauds and also Brick introduces her to everyone as his girlfriend. Lemon and also Magnolia agree to placed a avoid to their dad’s romance with her once and also for all.

Tansy find George snuggling through Dolly top top the sofa. Turns out he’s attached to she now. He speak Tansy the she deserve to rely on that too.

Zoe pertains to see Wade and also tells him she sorry and also booked them a room at a sophisticated B&B for the following weekend. She apologizes because that saying the didn’t have actually a career. That tells her she’s ideal – the he’s never had actually one and doesn’t look front to going to work. That tells her he only felt concentrated when he was working on the plans for his own bar. The decides to provide it one more shot and they kiss.

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AB reflects up in ~ Lavon’s and also tells the it can’t happen. She speak him she has to win ago Lemon’s trust and until then says she doesn’t deserve to it is in happy. Zoe turns off her phone and puts on some sexy lingerie and they commence kissing. There’s a knock at the door and it’s a whiny Lavon, moaning because he obtained dumped. He’s got a bag that donuts and also asks castle to aid him eat his feelings. That laments that he’s a previous NFL player and also it have to be simpler for him to gain a girl.