I researched the spell Aberto, after Queenie uses it when trying to unlock the door to Mr Graves' office. After looking at the Harry Potter wiki, I came to find that Aberto is a unlocking charm for doors. But I wondered that if Alohomora is a unlocking charm as well, does that make Aberto the same spell as Alohomora? If they both unlock doors and windows, doesn't that make them the exact same spell?


Aberto means "open" in Portuguese, so maybe it just opens anything, while alohomora is specifically for things that are locked. Just my guess, though.

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Must be about the way the door is locked and how it is unlocked. Other similar unlocking spells seen to suggest it. For example : Open Sesame was used to rip doors from their hinges and tear them to firewood." Portaberto splinters a lock from a door and is an improvement over Open Sesame. Cistem Aperio is used to unlock chests.

Yes but Cistem Aperio shouldn't be counted, since it's just an embarrassing example of the movies trying and failing to create decent spells using Rowling's template. Other gems like this include Oculus Reparo and Arania Exumai.

JK Rowling live in portugal for quite a bit of her life....cool to see some spell names that come from portugese

Perhaps Aberto is a slightly more advanced spell than Alohomora which opens magically locked doors. I'm pretty sure Alohomora is only used on either ordinary locks or doors that are just stuck from Colloportus.

It is only after using Aberto that Queenie says, "He would know some fancy spell to lock his office." The fancy spell part makes me think that Aberto may only be used against ordinary locking charms (other than Colloportus, which doesn't really lock a door, only seals it shut) but not against more advanced spells like whatever Grindelgraves had.

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Aberto: unlocks doors

Alohomora: unlocks and opens doors and windows that are not magically protected; however it can be used to counter Colloportus


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