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I am wiring a 60 amp subpanel. I had actually previously run cable for a future hot tub circuit while renovating - I think #6 with #10 ground. I am making use of a Murray 2-4 circuit dashboard (model #LC002GS) over there is no floor bar, however there to be a eco-friendly ground screw in the package. I assumed the the "dimpled" areas were the designated spots because that this screw. 1. Is this correct? watch photo.2. Do the neutrals and also grounds because that the circuits then anchor right into the optimal isolated bar? 3. Just checking...neutral bar is isolated native box. This is correct because that a sub-panel, right?I am just running one 15 amp lighting circuit from this panel so far, and there will certainly be a 2-pole 50 amp breaker at key panel to control the box, because there is no key cut-off switch. Thanks in breakthrough for every replies.
Answers based on the National electrical Code. Regional amendments may apply. Examine with her local building officials.

The soil is really wrong. The environment-friendly screw is used if this is a key panel. You require to gain an add-on soil bar. Also, WHY together a tiny panel??? 50A is a an excellent size feeder, for this reason why border yourself nevertheless of what you are running from the now? I"d have actually used in ~ the very least a 6/12.
Sometimes ns feel like if i answer any much more questions that is prefer someone make the efforts to climb over a fence come jump off a bridge and me offering them a boost.
The #6 wire was mounted during an additional renovation project for a future hot bathtub circuit. That setup has to be scrubbed for this reason the wire was simply hanging loose in the closet that this room (a den/office). Whenever possible, I like to use wiring that I recognize rather 보다 the haphazard wiring ns have uncovered elsewhere in this house, so ns figured ns might also use it for for the lighting in this room, via a small panel, rather than hide it over the ceiling. I thank everybody because that the criticism the the grounding try. Ns really was not sure what come do about that ground connection wire in this instance, i m sorry is why ns posted it here. Ns obviously will certainly not connect it come the key panel until I obtain it right in this panel. Perhaps buying a small larger panel, through a ground bar, can be the most basic answer?
Can purchase an include on soil bar as noted....or her panel to be what, around 75 bucks??. For not much an ext you can acquire a nice hundred amp below wth plenty of room and also just feed it v the currently 50 amp breaker. No need to adjust feed wire....BUT throw the end the environment-friendly screw that will come through it together it is because that BONDIING the neutral and also ground which wake up at key panel only. Ron. Ps a VERY great idea not to attach anything till you"re sure that you ha the right!
I didn"t see holes because that attaching an included grounding bar. Maybe I to be expecting to watch the not correct thing, or do they come v self tapping screws?

Non complient dashboard location and NM cable in conduit room bigger problems than your ground bar.It"s time to rip it out and also start over in a various location.
NM cable sleeved in conduit is agree as long as the effectively sizes conduit is used. The 6-3 pipe looks too little to me.
NM cable sleeved in conduit is acceptable as lengthy as the effectively sizes conduit is used. The 6-3 pipeline looks too tiny to me.

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It keeps coming up because people store stating that running NM in conduit is a violation. It is not as long as that is in a dried location.Sent from my RCT6203W46 making use of Tapatalk
My electric answers are based on 2017 NEC, you may have actually local amendments.Location: coastal South Carolina
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Thanks! and that is precisely what someone chimes in with every time who ELSE claims with an excellent authority "no nm in conduit" . And also the beat goes on. Ron
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