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A BARNES & NOBLE finest YA science FICTION and FANTASY publication OF 2020




WATERSTONES ideal BOOKS of 2020: scientific research FICTION & FANTASY

COSMOPOLITAN"S 20 best YA publications OF 2020

TODAY"S finest YA publications OF 2020

""The Ballad the Songbirds and also Snakes" delivers a mesmerizing look into the life of Coriolanus Snow and the root reasons of his villainous behavior. Collins once again proves the she is a understand of structure a fascinating people around facility characters who need to grapple through the symptom of chaos and also control and also their results on human nature."

--The associated Press

"It"s the pull in between Coryo"s head and also heart — and also the realization the he actually has a beating heart, not simply a rose-scented bump of coal — that renders the future chairman Snow really worthy of a 517-page prequel."

--The Washington Post

"Both a tense, character-driven piece and also a cautionary tale...The twists and heartbreaks captivate regardless of tragic inevitabilities."

--Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

"If you review The Hunger gamings in one sitting, work out in because that the long haul once more—becauseThe Ballad that Songbirds and Snakesis almost impossible to put down...The Ballad that Songbirds and also Snakesis extremely exciting, thought-provoking, and relevant."

--Amazon publication Review

"A sleek Hunger games prequel...The plot that the novel rests ~ above deception and also pretence, its see of humanity bleak; however Collins"s themes that friendship, betrayal, authority and also oppression, and the extra great of lore about mockingjays and also Capitol"s history, will certainly please and thrill."

--The Guardian

"A gripping mix that whipsaw plot twists and propulsive creating make this story"s facility issues—vulnerability and abuse, personal responsibility, and institutionalized power dynamics—vivid and personal."

--Publishers Weekly

"Fans will certainly appreciate revisiting the human being of Panem, and teens may relate to Coriolanus start to grapple with big ideas like person nature and whether civilization on opposite political parties of a battle are essentially different."

--School Library Journal

"AHunger Gameswithout Everdeen can have seemed as peculiar as a Potter without Harry, yet it functions beautifully, greatly thanks come a brand-new character. The clever, charismatic precursor, Lucy Baird Gray, a Covey (a type of gypsy) that is favored to stand for District 12 in the tenth Games. She is a people singer of prophetic ballads and also has a thing around snakes. She is gorgeous, that course, in her late mother"s old rainbow dress (the spreading for the film, confirmed by Lionsgate, will certainly be fun)."

--The Times

"y introducing a brand-new cast the teenagers, Collins is able come raise questions around privilege, the uses of violence, and also the futility that war."


"It is a steep difficulty to create a book whose hero is, anyone knows, destined to end up being deeply evil. Perform we want to hear — now, after we recognize the endgame — that the young Voldemort was unfairly saddled v a demerit in class or that the adolescent Sauron fretted since he had actually to wear hand-me-down clothes? Yes, please."

--The new York Times, buy it Lyall

"..."The Ballad of Songbirds and also Snakes"" clever expedition of the world and also how that perverse forms of entertainment and also control came to be are bound to fulfill fans. It might not it is in a particularly comforting type of escapism, yet Collins" uneasy, thought-provoking prequel is absorbing all the same."


"The Ballad ofSongbirds and Snakesdescribes just how most lives are actually lived, the after-effects of countless little choices that at some point amount come a huge one: not just just how to feel however who to be."

--Slate Magazine

"The Ballad the Songbirds and also Snakes is a darkly satisfying origin story...It"s a reminder that the strength of propaganda — just how putting the veneer of a good narrative atop any awful thing have the right to get world to believe the message."


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"The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes...confirms Collins as a understand of dystopian YA, able to spin engaging tales around deeply flawed characters and societies."

--New York journal of Books

"The Ballad that Songbirds and Snakes build on the initial series" overt critique the violence and those that perpetuate it, again in terms the speak come a an ext mature audience 보다 their young-adult marketing could suggest. For true pan of The Hunger Games, Collins shines most as she weaves in tantalizing details the lend depth to the gruesome people she developed in the original collection and Coriolanus"s location in that history."