Feeling endangered on all fronts, indigenous her mother to her ideal friend, Blair goes right into overdrive, if Dan seeks inspiration for his weak writing





It’s proper that Fashion Week brought out the b—- in pretty lot all the female personalities on Gossip Girl. Even Kirsten Dunst didn’t acquire through the night unscathed, through Laurel deeming her no front-row-worthy at Eleanor’s show. And also even because that Gossip Girl, there were a fmoment-g.com too plenty of rehab hoax aimed at Kiki D. And Marc Jacobs.

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So exactly when go Serena become friends through this Poppy chick? just how much time has actually passed since last week? Also, walk anyone rather feel like Serena began the illustration much much less diva-ish than she to be at the finish of last week’s episode? I thought she was choose the nmoment-g.com queen of the school. Yet enemies Serena and also Blair space soooo much an ext fun 보다 friends Serena and also Blair. Ns laughed the end loud once Serena’s seat map was changed by ”Ramona Wong.” every the backstage subterfuge the Blair did was a small over the height for mine tastes. Ns refuse to think the whole group of models would leave if some little high schooler told castle they were ”overbooked.” The convert of Jenny’s dress through Eleanor’s because that Serena’s look was a little more realistic, however Serena’s runway walk could def usage some upgrading; clearly she’s never watched America’s next Top Model. Someone demands to get Miss J. On speed dial. Plus, who did they obtain to fill the front row? Ramona Wong and Kiki D.? and how lengthy was the fashion show? it seemed favor it went on for fifty percent an hour. The last moments, though, did set the phase for a rumble royale next week between Serena and also Blair. I’m not certain these two will ever be friend again.

Speaking of Jenny, i really prefer this entirety rebellion story line. The ideal moments with Jenny last season were once she was exhilaration out, and also so this plot really holds promise. Nothing was an ext heartless than as soon as Rufus make the efforts to get into the fashion show and also she told the woman v the guest perform her actual dad was out of town (and BTW, I completely own the black-and-rose west shirt rocked by Rufus). I’m a little surprised, though, the he simply let Jenny walk far at the finish after she told him she’s no going ago to school.

After gift told his writing was a large snooze — and also let’s it is in honest, thinly veiled stories about Dan and Serena would check out pretty lame — the younger Humphrey made decision to zero Chuck base for a to walk on the wild side. The first night was relatively tame, yet there was that amusing minute when Dan to be left ~ above the corner, shoeless, come walk home. I have to admit that once Dan said, ”Who knmoment-g.com there to be a sex society behind the White Castle?” ns was asking myself, ”Who knmoment-g.com there was a White lock in Manhattan?” I type of love just how gloriously awful Dan’s pseudonym was for Mr. Bass: Charlie Trout. Really? Charlie Trout? not Charlie Tuna? Or Chucky Blowfish? Um, does this child really think he’s clever sufficient to get into Yale (very convenient the Dan currently wants to go to Yale, the school that Blair loves too)? Chuck and also Dan’s second night together proved much more eventful and also also noted more understanding into Chuck. It transforms out the guy simply wants to be loved by his father. Everyone together now: ”Awwwwwwww.” but then things gained a little less touchy-feely. After lining mistakenly readily available a girl money because that sex and Dan slugged the girl’s boyfriend, the two finished up in the slammer. Executive, management producer Stephanie Savage had told me the this scene was one of her favorites, and it was really well acted, specifically by Ed Westwick. And also we learned the Chuck’s mother died in childbirth while having him and also that’s part of why his dad despises that so much. I type of have a feeling that Mrs. Bass could not in reality be dead. What carry out you think, TV Watchers? mine initial feeling was the she would be popping up for sweeps sometime really soon. Yet we most most likely won’t be see Dan and also Chuck hanging the end again in the close to future after ~ Chuck discovered Dan’s writing and also said he hoped Dan finished up a ”Humphrey sandwich” in jail.

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Love the Lily posed for Mapplethorpe. I’m simply dying for some Lily flashbacks. She’s completely Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous however all get an impressive up and decked the end in Chanel. We lastly got to vimoment-g.com Bart, too, and also he bought Lily a killer necklace. How much execute we think the cost? however he also brought something else: suspicion. It transforms out that the well-off dude basically created a dossier on her past which included one an enig in particular that have to be nice devastating. My intel tells me that this an enig will come right into play in the second fifty percent of the season. What do you think it is, TV Watchers? i was type of guessing that Lily has another child or something. Or possibly she has actually crabs? (She to be a groupie, ~ all.) Or maybe there room photos of she wearing mom jeans and a fanny pack, while holding funnel cake in ~ a local fair? i think all space plausible. Clearly, this lady has actually led quite a life.

Where were Vanessa and also Nate in this episode? your story lines to be so necessary last week and they kinda obtained shafted critical night. Maybe Vanessa gained a nmoment-g.com shipment of bean in in ~ the café and Nate discovered a brand-nmoment-g.com middle-aged lady?

I was actually on set for this episode ago in august (a tiny trivia: The Constance Billard courtyard and also Noah Shapiro’s office to be shot in ~ the same private school in Brooklyn Heights) and also if you’re interested you can watch my behind-the-scenes video that ns shot for moment-g.com. As soon as you obtain past my extreme close-up, it’s quite entertaining…