How deserve to I purchase Girl enlightenment Cookies? The 2021 Cookie revenue is Feb. 12 through March 28, and also the best way to acquisition Girl Scout cookies is native a local Girl Scout. To uncover one, call your local Girl reconnaissance office or speak to (888) 686-MINT. Girlfriend can additionally enter her zip code in the Girl reconnaissance Cookie Finder or uncover the nearest Cookie Booth by using the free, main Girl enlightenment Cookie Finder app!

Wondering where cookie proceeds go? discover all around how Girl Scouts advantage from the Cookie routine with our Cookie truth Flyer.

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Who can sell Girl enlightenment Cookies? every registered Girl Scouts (Daisies through Ambassadors) have the right to participate in this voluntarily Girl Scout regime activity.

go a Girl enlightenment troop need to sell cookie if that doesn’t want to? Girl joining is voluntary and also requires written permission by a parental or guardian. And remember: The Girl reconnaissance Cookie routine is no just around cookies. This yearly program enables girls come gain brand-new skills, build confidence and also develop an business man mindset.

can Juliette Girl Scouts get involved in the Girl enlightenment Cookie Program? Yes. To perform so, Juliettes (individual girl members) should abide through guidelines released by Girl Scouts that the USA and the regional Girl scout council. Depending on their age, Girl Scouts have to be add by an adult as soon as selling Girl reconnaissance Cookies. For more information around how Juliette Girl Scouts in her area can participate in this activity, please contact your regional Girl reconnaissance office.

deserve to Girl Scouts donate cookie to military personnel offer overseas? correctly! Girl Scouts and also their customers can donate cookie to military personnel and their families, together with charitable organizations, by to buy cookies through our care & re-superstructure Program.


deserve to a customer create a examine for cookies? Girls should only take it checks from human being they know, and also checks have to be do payable to their troop. Girls need to only expropriate checks v the customer’s name, attend to and phone call number imprinted on the check. The a an excellent idea to write the customer’s driver’s patent number on the check and also to not accept checks over $50.

deserve to Girl Scout cookies be for sure frozen for later on use? Yes, they have the right to be frozen for up to one year for later on consumption.

Why do various Girl reconnaissance councils offer cookies at various times the the year? Councils each construct their very own procedures and guidelines for cookie activities, consisting of the days when you have the right to order or purchase cookies and also the price every box. A board of directors conducts just one cookie sale per year. Many of this programs take place between January and April, yet some take place as beforehand as September.

Why do different Girl enlightenment councils market cookies at various price points? Girl enlightenment Cookies market for different prices in different locations of the country. Every of the 100-plus local Girl scout councils has actually the appropriate to collection its very own price based upon its needs and also knowledge the the neighborhood market. Today’s prices reflect both the current cost of cookies and also the realities of providing Girl Scout tasks in one ever-changing financial environment.

how do you ensure the safety of Girl Scouts who sell cookies? The safety and also security of ours members is always our cook concern. We have actually strict guidelines for safety. Girl Scouts, relying on their age, must be attach by one adult when participating in the Girl scout Cookie program and always use the buddy system.


can girls usage email, text-messaging, and also social media to tell friends and also family about the Cookie Program? Yes. Using the clever Cookies online sales website in ~, girls have the right to use email and age-appropriate Internet attributes as marketing tools to encourage family, friends and also former client to get involved in the program. Girls 13 and older might use society networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as long as they have actually parental permission and also adult supervision. Under no circumstances have the right to girls or their parents take money because that the Girl enlightenment Cookie regime through digital sales web page such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and public purchase & market sites.

As a reminder, once parents authorize the Cookie revenue Parental Permission Form, they additionally agree to:

follow the GSUSA and also Internet Provider guidelines as soon as using the web as a marketing device for the Cookie Program. Direct customers offline for payment and cookie delivery, unless girls space using the smart Cookies digital sales website at Recognize that cookies might not it is in advertised or marketed through digital auction or sales website such together eBay, Craigslist or purchase & market Facebook pages or neighborhood sites.

weight problems is at epidemic levels, particularly childhood obesity. Go it issue you the by selling cookies you space contributing to a really real wellness threat? beginning with ours youngest members, the Girl Scout company promotes a healthy lifestyle because that its girl members, which has a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Our health and also fitness programs encourage girls to adopt healthy fitness and also eating actions early in life and also continue them into adulthood. In addition, the Girl Scout study Institute (GSRI) exit a study review title “Weighing In: Helping girl Be healthy and balanced Today, healthy and balanced Tomorrow.” “Weighing In” addresses various underlying reasons leading come the epidemic of obesity and also of gift overweight amongst children and teens and the lifestyles, culture, and also behavior the have added to this condition.

once I purchase Girl enlightenment Cookies, where does the money go? Each box of cookies costs $5.00, and the proceeds are damaged down this way: -$2.89 walk to assistance programs and services (girl programs, volunteer services and training, financial assistance, facility operations and maintenance, program resources). -40 cents goes to girls in the type of Cookie Credits, recognitions and also special incentives. -60 cent goes to Girl scout Troops for programs, activities and supplies. -2 cent goes come participation bonus recipients. -2 cent goes come the Girl Scout business Unit (SU events, camps and also recruitment) -1 cent goes come postage and other sales expenses. -$1.07 goes to the cookie baker come cover cookies purchased, troop materials, standard and also special print forms, advancement materials.



just how does the cookie revenue advantage girls? After payment the baker, every one of the remaining revenue earned from cookie activities stays within the Girl Scouts that Kansas Heartland. Twelve percent of this revenue goes straight to the troop selling cookies. The troop holds the money deserve in that is treasury, and its girl members poll on how to usage that money. Girls additionally earn Cookie Credits, which deserve to be used toparticipate in camp and events, troop travel trips, or purchase items in the board of directors Shop. Councils usage their cookie revenue come supply crucial services to troops, groups and also individual girls, such as providing program resources and also communication support, maintain adult volunteers and also conducting one-of-a-kind events.


Is the acquisition of Girl Scout cookies tax-deductible? If the customer keeps the cookies, climate no. Individuals who to buy Girl reconnaissance Cookies and take the cookies home or consume them have purchased a product at a fair sector value. However, the acquisition price of Girl Scout cookie IS taxation deductible if the customer purchases cookies v our care & re-superstructure Program, in i m sorry cookies room donated to members that the military and other charitable establishments like the Kansas Food Bank. Cookie re-publishing customers have the right to treat the purchase price the the donated cookie as a charitable contribution.

does any part of the cookie revenue walk to support organizations other 보다 Girl Scouts? No. Nobody of the money from any Girl enlightenment council-sponsored cookie regime is provided to any type of other group. All of the revenue – every penny after paying because that the cookie – from every Cookie Program tasks supports the local Girl Scout where the cookies are sold, including a part that goes straight to the troop offering cookies. The objective of offering cookies is to help girls build a wide selection of skills and to create revenue to assistance Girl Scouting locally. All of the proceeds from the revenue of Girl enlightenment Cookies assistance girls in Girl Scouting. No money is provided to any type of organization other than Girl Scouts. Find more facts around Girl reconnaissance Cookies with this flyer.

that bakes Girl reconnaissance Cookies? two commercial bakers are licensed by the Girl Scouts the the USA to create Girl scout Cookies: abc Bakers/Weston foodstuffs and small Brownie Bakers. Girl Scouts that Kansas Heartland offers ABC Bakers/Weston Foods.

who selects the cookie varieties? license is granted bakers can offer up to eight varieties of Girl scout Cookies; just three varieties are mandatory: thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos and also Shortbread/Trefoils. The nationwide Girl Scout company reviews and approves all ranges proposed through the bakers. Any kind of of the five optional cookies deserve to be readjusted every year. Each bakery name its very own cookies, for this reason Girl Scout cookie that room quite similar may have different names. Proposal for brand-new cookies are welcome, however the nationwide Girl reconnaissance organization deserve to make no promise to usage them.

What room the sizes, quantities and also prices the Girl enlightenment Cookies? Girl Scout cookie are sold by weight, not by size or number. The number and size that cookies may vary by variety. Girl Scouts that the USA monitors the weights that the cookies, i beg your pardon are collection by contract. Girl reconnaissance Cookies offer for different prices in different areas of the country. Every Girl enlightenment council has the ideal to set its own price based on its needs and knowledge that the neighborhood market. Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland will market cookies because that $5.00 every package, which reflects both the current cost of cookies and the realities of giving Girl Scout activities in an ever-changing economic environment. 


space all Girl Scout cookies kosher? Yes, all Girl scout Cookies are kosher.

What space the best-selling Girl enlightenment Cookies? Nationally, the greatest sellers are: 25 percent thin Mints 19 percent Caramel deLites/Samoas 13 percent Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs 11 percent Peanut Butter Sandwiches/Do-si-dos 9 percent Shortbreads/Trefoils The various other varieties linked account for the remaining 23 percent.

Where have the right to I uncover recipes making use of Girl reconnaissance Cookies? examine out the website the our licensed baker:

just how do I find out the ingredients, nutritional value, and/or allergen information for one or much more of the Girl enlightenment Cookie varieties? That details is post on alphabet Bakers’ website.

Are any preservatives provided in Girl enlightenment Cookies? Girl scout Cookies carry out not save preservatives. They are all made v pure vegetable shortening, space kosher and also freeze fine to extend their shelf life.


Why execute you tho use partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats)? We space constantly working through our bakers to boost our product. Together food scientific research and technology evolves, therefore does the process of producing any food item including, Girl enlightenment cookies. All arrays of Girl scout cookies room zero trans fat every serving according to FDA guidelines i beg your pardon state, “Any food items with less than .5 grams infectious diseases world fashion fat every serving space classified as “zero trans fat per serving.” We acknowledge that americans love your Girl scout cookies and also are grateful to every those who aid millions of girl learn an important business and also economic literacy skills by make cookie purchases. In addition, Girl Scouts also teaches girls about healthy living and the prominence of eating any snack in moderation, including our very own cookies.

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need to diabetics purchase or consume Girl scout Cookies? Our licensed baker lists dietary exchanges top top the order kind so diabetics can make educated choices. For much more information, check the website the our licensed baker:

just how do friend answer the pertains to of those on low-carb diets? The ingredients and also nutritional elements of all cookie are noted on the order forms and the next of the cookie crate so those concerned about carbohydrates deserve to make notified choices. For much more information, check out the website the our license is granted baker: