I"ve obtained a Magvavox TB110MW9 converter box and also a One for every remote, does anyone have a code i could try? I discovered one because that the Apex that us have however cant seem to find one for our Magnavox.

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Many Thanks!Carl

Carl, I"ve personally tried remotes native RCA, Zenith, URC and also my favorite, which is a Chinese no-name, and also not a one of them had actually a password that would work.The URC, however, can be "taught" to occupational the box, friend just have to go v the relatively tedious finding out process. There space a number of "learning" remotes the end there, part cheap, some no so cheap. You pays her money and also you takes your chances.

If you still have the initial remote the "learning" duty would work-related fine. Until the batteries walk dead and all codes space lost. Therefore if you at some point did shed the remote it would certainly be tough to use the URC again.I"ve found comparable looking remotes because that Funai, Symphonic, and various others the look similar to the Magnavox converter, many of them are for VCRs but ironically functions such as "Menu" and "Channel Up/Down" will work must you shed the remote, yet wouldn"t provide the "one remote for all devices" you"re seeking.

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Magnovox Digital TV converter box remote systems codes
The cheapest resolve we can find (after hours of searching for code because that "one for all" global to no avail), was to simply go come walmart and also for $8 gain the RCA universal remote, it has a special ar in the code literature for DTV converter box (about 20 different brands consisting of Magnovox)... It functioned the first time.. Simple to routine (hold under dtc button at same time go into 5 digit code with various other hand (51563), your"re done, Easy). Menu functions work too with menu button, likewise program info have the right to be acquired with the overview button, then use right arrowhead to accessibility future regimen info, etc.. ) pretty unit, seems to be the just one because that a decent price the we could find that was an immediate solution. It also allows for 2 other tools such as TV and DVD or VCR or DVR or Satelite devices to be managed from very same unit.. I"d get 2 to usage in various rooms so you don"t have to re-learn a brand-new remote every time you readjust rooms. Also has finding out feature, and quick learn if you can just go into the an initial code, if that doesn"t work-related you just hit power switch to immediately go to following code because that your maker brand. Neat. No the ultimate yet for the price an extremely good.