The earlier windows will not role down once you press the switch on the behind doors. Castle do have actually power and also can be rolled up and also down by the drivers manage panel the home window lock is disengaged.

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check out if the grasp switch has a lock-out button. That intentionally prevents the various other switches from working for kid safety. Below is a overview to aid you action by action with accuse in the diagrams listed below to present you how on your car. the end the diagrams (Below). Allow us understand what happens and please upload photos or videos the the problem.


sooner or later I placed my passenger window down and also when ns tried to role it up nothing happened. The earlier lights in the door switches walk out once I push up. The does this on either the passenger or drivers door relying on which side i am pressing. No clicking noises or any type of other switches or home windows doing this. I am not sure where to start. I did no see any kind of burnt out fuses and I am the end of ideas. No really wanting to pay a lot of if money to gain it fixed.
This sounds prefer the switch is poor this guide will assist confirm the issue. run down this guide and also report back.
thank you for letting me recognize where to start. I will certainly go have actually my mechanic look at it and let you recognize what that says. Thank you again.

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Passenger home window will no go up on the car detailed above SEL model with security.According to Fig. 52: Power home window Circuit: 2002 Ford Taurus SELTest 1a, passenger home window goes under from drivers master switch (DMS). Test 1b, passenger window does no go up from DMS.Test 1c, drivers window, rear right and also left windows practical from DMS as well as the repsective separation, personal, instance switches.Conclusion 1, Accessory Relay and Fuse good.Test 2a, passenger home window goes down from passenger side switch (PSS).Test 2b, passenger window does no go increase from PSS.Test 3, reversed connections at PSS terminals 2 & 5 and also regulator raises window from DMS and also PSS.Conclusion 3, Regulator operational.Test 4, Disconnect connector at PSS and measure continuity between terminal 1 & 6. 0.004 ohms resistance (normal because that my Fluke).Conclusion 4, great ground course from DMS terminal 4 to PSS terminal 6 and also DMS terminal 3 come PSS terminal 1. Test 5, Connector in ~ PSS, measure voltage in between terminal 1 & 6.Test 5a, +13.5vdc detected at PSS terminal 1 as soon as DMS passenger next down.Test 5b, +13.5vdc detected in ~ PSS terminal 6 as soon as DMS passenger next up.Conclusion 5, strength from DMS to PSS.When the PSS is in the released state, terminals 1 & 2 room 0 ohms due that as soon as the DMS passenger under is pressed it works.Possibly should measure continuity in between PSS terminals 1 & 2 in the pressed state and also should be around 0 ohms. Ns recall it being 0 however will examine it again.Other than that what am i missing?