When ns was an initial reviving my 2002 7.3 Powerstroke, i noticed the it feel like among the brakes to be dragging—holding ago my truck. It didn’t take long to figure out the my Ford F250 brake caliper to be sticking.

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The tell-tale smell of burning brake pads and also metal-on-metal smoking shown it. I figured the caliper piston was probably seized.

But it didn’t issue if I had actually to change my F250’s brake caliper, rebuild it, or change the brake lines. I’d need to bleed the brakes — argh!

At an initial I thought one of the front brake calipers was sticking. However after removing the calipers and also inspecting what to be left of metal on metal brake pads and also rotors, it was clear that my F250’s right rear brake caliper wasn’t simply sticking, it was practically seized.


And from the look at of the various other three to adjust of calipers, pads and also rotors… The prior calipers and pads no in much better shape. I was in for, at minimum, a brake caliper rebuild. But much more than likely total replacement the calipers, pads and rotors!

DISCLAIMER: functioning on the braking device of your vehicle is dangerous. Work-related on her braking system at your own risk.

The adhering to information concerns 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Ford F350, F250, and Excursion brake calipers, pads, rotors, lines and also other braking components. However, you re welcome verify all fitment proposal independently.

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How Brake Calipers Work

If you’re totally new to her Ford F250’s braking system, or how disc brake systems occupational in general, read this write-up on just how Brake Calipers Work.


It’s pretty simple and defines component function much more than how-to repair, however if you’ve never touched a braking ingredient before, the a an excellent place come start.

Ford F250 Brake Caliper sticking Symptoms

There space three main culprits behind a difficult F250 or F350 brake caliper:

The caliper pins have lost lubrication, rusted, and also aren’t retracting the caliperThe brake caliper piston has seized, failed and also isn’t retractingOr a brake heat is pinched off or twisted and the push can’t go ago to the understand cylinder

In countless cases, it’s the caliper pistons or pins the have end up being rusted and/or seized. And whether you rebuild the caliper or change it, first you need to remove the caliper.

Ford F250 Brake Caliper removed / Replacement

No how-to site about Ford 7.3 Powerstrokes would be finish without paying tribute come “Guzzle”. And also he has actually a comprehensive 2002 F250 Brake Caliper Removal pdf accuse sheet.

Or you can watch the same helpful, FordTekMakuloco’s video clip below.

https://youtu.be/0zbXNMu9GwwVideo can not be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Ford Brake Caliper Replacment w/ Tips! (https://youtu.be/0zbXNMu9Gww)

F250 Caliper and also Brake Parts

Ford F250 Brake Calipers

On most vehicles the former calipers and brakes provide 60-70% that the efficient braking power. Consequently, the front roasted calipers space usually bigger and also heavier 보다 the rear calipers.

Ford F250 former calipers weigh approximately 20 pounds each. When the behind calipers weigh in around 14 pounds each. So, be prepared once working through them — they’re heavy.

F250/350 prior Brake Caliper
F250/350 rear Brake Caliper

Those calipers space the exact ones I used to replace my 2002 Ford F250 Crew Cab (SRW), 7.3 Powerstroke, quick bed brake calipers.

They come v NEW:

CalipersCaliper mounting bracketsCaliper boltsCaliper on slide pinsCaliper slide pen bootsBrake caliper/pad grease

So far, they’ve performed really well and, an unified with brand-new Power avoid rotors and also brake pads, the braking power is awesome.

F250 Caliper Bracket

There room two key pieces to her F250’s brake caliper

The caliper chin holds the pistons the squeeze the brake pads ~ above the rotors once you push the brake pedal, causing you to slow-moving down or stop.AND the brake caliper mounting bracket the secures the caliper to the steering knuckle

F250 Caliper Bolt Sizes

F250 brake caliper parentheses mounting bolt

SIZE – M14 x 2 x 37, 37 ThreadFORD component NUMBER – #F81Z-2N386-BA

F250 Caliper slide Pins and also Boots

Slide Pins and Boots Kit

Ford has three layouts of brake calipers ~ above the 7.3 super Duty trucks. The pins are different depending on which caliper friend have. Here are the most common ones.

Brake Caliper on slide Pins and Boots instead of Kit:

Aftermarket on slide Pins and also Bolts on Amazon:

F250 Caliper on slide Pins and Boots (FRONT)

NOTE: 2 pins and also 2 boots repair/replace one (1) caliper’s hardware.

F250 Caliper slide Pins and Boots (REAR)

NOTE: 2 pins and 2 boots repair/replace one (1) caliper’s hardware.


F250 Brake Pads

These room the brake pads that come in the brake rotor kit I provided to change all 4 corners of my 2002 F250 4×4’s brake rotors and pads. It includes:

PadsCaliper clipsPad (wishbone) clipsBrake/caliper greaseF250 prior Brake Pads
F250 rear Brake Pads

For a complete rundown of the ideal brake pads for F250 supervisor Duty, check out this article.

Ford F250 Brake Rotors

Brake rotors (also called brake discs) are what her F250’s brake pads squeeze on in bespeak to protect against your truck’s wheel from spinning. There are two main varieties of F250 brake rotors — drilled and slotted.

The main reason for drilling or slotting brake rotors is to dissipate warmth from the rotor. Yet just as essential is to drainpipe water away from the rotor surface.

Drilling and/or slotting brake rotors execute both of these tasks. The difference being the some believe drilling holes in a brake rotor weakens it, so they prefer the slotted-only ones.

I like the finest of both worlds, because my F250 has to have many of braking strength to aid slow heavy loads. Even with trailer brakes my van braking mechanism heats up pretty well. Together such, once I did my brakes, I placed drilled and slotted rotors top top it, replacing all four rotors.

This is the kit i used. The came through brake pads and clips…


Here’s my quick video of what this brake calipers, rotors, and also pads look choose installed.

https://youtu.be/8BdIv0AykIAVideo can’t be loaded since JavaScript is disabled: Ford F250 Brake Caliper, Rotors, Pads (https://youtu.be/8BdIv0AykIA)

F250 Brake Pad Clips

There are two varieties of F250 brake pad clips you need to worry about:


The kit over has every the clips (hardware) for the front two calipers ~ above Ford F250 brakes. 99-03. (includes the caliper bolt rubber boots which you might or may not need to replace)

The wishbone brake pad clips that help keep the brake pads separated when not braking (so-called drag reduction clips or anti-rattle clips)And the caliper mounting clips that assist hold the brake pads come the caliper

It’s no so typical on mine 2002 F250, but my 2010 E350 passenger van loser the anti-rattle (wishbone) clips all THE TIME!

Synthetic Brake and also Caliper Grease

On all the metal-to-metal call points on your brake calipers, you have to use part grease. The mechanical reason is come prevent metal parts native chafing every other and causing wear and tear.

The more pressing reason from a practical standpoint is that it helps prevents all those stroked nerves squeaks coming from her braking system.

Most brake pad and also caliper kits come through a little tube the grease because that the installation. But if you uncover yourself in need of much more or you uncover out choose I did the the tiny tube the it was damaged in shipping…


Torque Specs for Brake Caliper Bolts

F250/350 front Brake torque Specs:

Brake caliper bolts (F250, F350) – 56 ft. Lbs. (76 Nm)Brake caliper bolts (F450, F550) – 46 ft. Lbs. (63 Nm)Brake caliper circulation (banjo) bolt (brake line bolt to caliper) – 35 ft. Lbs. (48 Nm)Brake caliper anchor plate/mounting bracket bolts (F250, F350) – 166 ft. Lbs. (225 Nm)Brake caliper anchor plate/mounting parentheses bolts (F450, F550) – 295 ft. Lbs. (400 Nm)Wheel hub extender nuts – 130 ft. Lbs. (176 Nm)Brake bowl dust shield screws – 8 ft. Lbs. (11 Nm)Lug Nuts – 165 ft. Lbs.

F250/350 behind Brake talk Specs:

Brake caliper bolts (F-250, F-350 solitary rear wheel) – 26 ft. Lbs. (35 Nm)Brake caliper bolts (F-350 twin rear wheel) – 56 ft. Lbs. (76 Nm)Brake caliper bolts (F-450, F-550 dual rear wheel) – 46 ft. Lbs. (62 Nm)Brake caliper circulation (banjo) bolt (brake line bolt to caliper) – 37 ft. Lbs. (35 Nm)Brake caliper support bolts – 101 ft. Lbs. (137 Nm)Brake caliper anchor plate/mounting bracket bolts (F-450, F-550 twin rear wheel) – 295 ft. Lbs. (400 Nm)Brake caliper anchor plate/mounting parentheses bolts (F-350 dual rear wheel) – 203 ft. Lbs. (275 Nm)Brake caliper anchor plate/mounting parentheses bolts (F-250, F-350 single rear wheel) – 203 ft. Lbs. (275 Nm)Lug Nuts – 165 ft. Lbs.

F250 Brake Caliper sticking Summary

One of the ideal things about your Ford F250/F350 Superduty—diesel or not—is it’s stopping power! large disc rotors ~ above all four corners help bring your beast come a halt, and also fast. But they can’t do that if the caliper pistons space seized, your brake pads room worn out or did you do it neglected her brake fluid.

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Do you yourself a favor, if because that no other reason than hearing your tires squeal once you lock the brakes, examine your pads often, flush your brake fluid when you need to, and keep your rotors and calipers clean.