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I"ve searched high one low and also still can not uncover the blower engine resistor pack as i have the blower only job-related on high problem. Am i on the rite track right here searching for blower motor resistor or what and where need to i it is in lookin for? any type of pics the resistor location would it is in great! many thanks much. Van is 06 f250 lariet through auto temp.

You have electronic automatic temp control which supplies a blower motor rate controller. Hand-operated temp manage uses a resistor. Both are situated in the same general area. Under the hood ~ above the passenger side near the firewall. It"s behind the A/C accumulator and also I think you have to unbolt it and position the aside to accessibility the controller.

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Thanks guys! ns been searchin and can only uncover pics of the resistor lookin pack. Ns pulled that gadget with the sticker out and it has some warm lookin fin on the so i put it back in. Ns will change it and hope thats my prob. I additionally looked on some components sites and also typed in my van to obtain a pic and it always shows the resistor pack, SO, one much more thing.... Is this somethin ns gotta gain from ford or any type of suggestions wherein to get one? thanks again guys!

2006 f250 king ranch crew cab 4x4 125k s t o c k other than - scan gauge 2 - egr plugged - sct sf3 through gearhead tunes - high idle mode - ficm soon to be tuned/rebuilt

I would certainly trust a Ford part over a parts store piece. Any chance the a supplied one? any type of automotive "recyclers" in her area? BTW, the fins you witnessed are component of the warm sink that keeps it from melting down.Sent from mine DROID X2 utilizing AutoGuide.Com cost-free App
I just readjusted mine out, very same year and also model. That is a genuine pain the _____ to gain to the bottom screw. Ns picked it up in ~ Sunrise Ford in S. Cal because that $70. Did a search on this site is exactly how I discovered the part #. Have fun through it.
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