you re welcome identify instances of figurative language in The Scarlet Letter and The home of seven Gables as Hawthorne probed the darker next of Puritan brand-new England.
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below are some much more examples of figurative language:

The Scarlet Letter

Metaphor - regularly Hawthorne compare happenings and objects to abstract qualities. 

In thing 1, the symbolic rosebush in ~ the prison door is contrasted to "a token that the deep heart of Nature might pity and be kind to...

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Here space some an ext examples that figurative language:

The Scarlet Letter

Metaphor - often Hawthorne to compare happenings and objects to abstract qualities. 

In chapter 1, the symbolic rosebush in ~ the jail door is contrasted to "a token that the deep heart that Nature can pity and be kind to him ."Roger Chillingworth is compared to a fiend and calls self this. In thing 10, he rejoices in his discovery of what is on the chest of the Reverend Dimmesdale and is compared to Satan:

Had a man seen old i get it Chillinworth, in ~ that minute of his ectasy, the would have no must ask how Satan comports himself as soon as a precious human being soul is lost to heaven.

Called "an imp" and "a sprite," n thing 8 Pearl is likened to a bird through Rev. Mr. Wilson, "What little bird of scarlet plumage might this be?"Governor Billingham phone call Hester"s scarlet letter a "badge the shame."Hester declares that Pearl is she "torture." "See ye not....she is the scarlet letter, only qualified of being loved,.."In thing 10, Dimmesdale suffers indigenous "some black problem of the soul," a an allegory for his sin and also gnawing conscience.Chillingworth is likened by Pearl come the Black Man, a an allegory for Satan, who conducts the black masses in the forest primeval also a an allegory for a ar of ethical danger.The "babbling stream" is a an allegory for the honesty of nature since Pearl will not cross this stream until Hester replaces her scarlet letter upon her bosom.Hester is alluded to as a "self-enlisted Sister that Charity" in chapter 20In his famous statement that theme, additionally in chapter 20, Hawthorne employs "face" as a metaphor for one"s pretenses, or facade, the he puts forth to the public, or the metaphoric "multitude":

No man, for any type of considerable period, deserve to wear one face to himself and also another to the multitude, without lastly getting bewildered as to which may be the true.

Metonymy - At times Hawthorne offers something closely related for the points actually meant.

In chapter 11, the Reverend Dimmesdale longs to speak come his congregation indigenous his pulpit and also confess, 

"I, who you behold in this glack garments...I, who ascend the sacred desk...."

Here the word desk stands because that Dimmesdale office as minister and spiritual leader.

heart is frequently used because that the heart in this novel. And, in chapter 11, also, that is used to mean the the souls the Dimmesdale"s congregation:

... love vibrated in unison through theirs, and...sent its own throb that pain with a thousand other hearts....

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The house of seven Gables


In thing 2, Hawthorne to write that miss Hepzibah Pyncheon, has actually taken "no component in the business of life," a comparison to society interaction.Frequently, Hepzibah is referred to as the "maiden lady" or "elderly maiden."Hepzibah"s first customer is later referred to together "the small cannibal the Jim Crow" <"Jim Crow" is a gingerbread cookie in the shape of a dancing black color man and also Ned Higgins is the "cannibal" because he devours it.>In thing 11, over there is an body organ grinder v his monkey, whom Hawthorne admits "symboliz the grossest type of the love that money." Thus, the monkey is a metaphor for judge Pyncheon.


Gothic doubles space the Judge and also Colonel Pyncheon, the younger and also older Clifford Pyncheon <2 sides>, Mr. Holgrave shares interest in person psychology, the "secret character," together does Hawthorne.