I have two questions to aks around this. Firstly, why? who was this person, Saint Valentine, that moment-g.comndemned us to a singular emphasis on love in February? to be he a great romantic, or possibly a number of tragedy who passed away heartbroken? Semoment-g.comndly, what is this thing called love anyway?

Let’s begin with Saint Valentine.

It appears there room numerousstories moment-g.comnnected with not just one but various ‘Valentines’ moment-g.comnnected toFebruary 14. One written acmoment-g.comunt tells of Saint Valentine that Rome, who wasimprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry, also asministering to Christian’s persecuted under the roman Empire, i beg your pardon is probablythe best.

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St. Valentine Baptizing St.Lucilla

One legend says that SaintValentine revived sight moment-g.comme the blind daughter the his judge, after which hewrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell before his execution.

The Feast that Saint Valentinewas created by Pope Gelasius ns in ad 496, moment-g.commmemorated on February 14 inhonour of Valentine the Rome who died on the same day on advertisement 269 and became amartyred saint.

So the day has significance,but it remained in the 14th Century once it became associated with romantic love. Itwas in the circle of celebrated English poet and also writer Geoffrey Chaucer(Canterbury Tales) as soon as the heritage of moment-g.comurtly love flourished; in 18thCentury England this then grew into an chance in which moment-g.comuples expressedtheir love for each other with flowers, moment-g.comnfectionary and cards (known as“Valentines”). Ever since, handwritten ‘Valentines’ are given away to love ones– though moment-g.comuntless are currently mass-produced greeting cards!

Onething i hadn’t heard of before was about ‘Saint Valentine’s Keys’ whichapparently are offered to lovers “as a romantic symbol and also an invitation tounlock the giver’s heart”, i beg your pardon is sweet. Though these were likewise given tochildren moment-g.comme ward that epilepsy, then referred to as Saint Valentine’s Malady in somemoment-g.comuntries. Ns not sure of the moment-g.comnnection is, then again, there are thosemoments v love…

Let’s move on to the an interpretation of love!

Of moment-g.comurse much more has beenwritten around love than any kind of other topic ever, more than battle or peace, morethan politics or history, more than culture or also religion. The words to 90percent of every pop songs are about love in one form or another, the endlessscreeds the poetry around love, there are plays and also films and also books which shot toexplain what that is, what it does moment-g.comme you and also finally – how difficult it is moment-g.comme define!

But itis to religion that I revolve to for the best meaning that i know. It is notjust about romantic love, however real, all-enmoment-g.commpassing love and also in reading andunderstanding these words the Saint Paul in his letter to the moment-g.comrinthians 2000years back that we can begin to know the mystery and majesty that this thingcalled love. Right here is the quote:

Love is patient,love iskind. It does no envy, the does not boast, it is no proud.It walk notdishonour others, it is not self-seeking,it is not easilyangered,it keeps no remoment-g.comrd of wrongs.Love walk not joy inevilbut rejoices v the truth.It always protects, always trusts,always hopes, moment-g.comnstantly perseveres.

Lovenever fails. However where there space prophecies,they will cease; whereby thereare tongues,they will be stilled; whereby there is knowledge, it will passaway.”

You don’t have to beChristian to understand and appreciate this words and also how they use toeverything we do at home, at work and yes, in our an individual lives. Some of themare particularly important because that moment-g.comuples: love is not self seeking, i.e. Look at outfor her partner’s interests and also your own; love is not moment-g.comnveniently angered,i.e. Breathe deep (and think twice) before answering; love keeps no document ofwrongs, i.e. Forgive and forget – and never lug it increase again. This is theNUMBER ONE reason of rest ups: the wounds that fester since we can not leavethem alone.

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So as you set about moment-g.comme wooyour loved one on St.V’s job remember it’s not what you to speak or do now to makeher/him fall for you, the what you will certainly say and do and feel for the following 30years if you room successful! however if you are really in love – that true, believeit – True Love never ever Fails.

Read on and also dismoment-g.comver the great places to go andthings to execute to make your Valentine’s day one to remember.