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Genre: Shooter, First-Person Shooter Developer: Obsidian to chat Publisher: Bethesda Softworks ESRB Rating: Mature relax Date: October 19, 2010

After your restore law in Primm (either with NCR or v the sheriff) go earlier to the casino and talk to the raiders who show up (however friend please). Then leaving Primm and also return 3 in-game work later and also buy chips and also the cash them in. You gain the caps and keep the chips and also you have the right to trade in the chips but much you want.

There are countless commissaries in lonesome road, castle recycle themselves as soon as they get listed below 100 caps, ago to a full bank of 6,000. You have the right to sell every little thing you want until you empty it, then close, reopen, repeat till you have actually a million add to caps like I did. Castle look good next to the 37 gold bars.

If you walk to the strip and go into Tops you can or even in freeside you have the right to gamble in blackjack. Purchase 200 chips and go to a table. Save. Climate while you room playing bet max. And every time girlfriend win avoid playing and also save again. Every time you lose all you need to do is load. However make sure you save prior to you play.

.357 Magnum Revolver - LuckyIn Primm, in the floor safe inside the cashier"sarea that the Vikki and Vance Casino..44 Magnum Revolver - secret MagnumOwned by the Lonesome Drifter,by the Sunset Sasparilla Billboard, close come El Dorado dry Lake.9 iron - Nephi"s Golf DriverCarried by a Fiend named Driver Nephi, in histerritory.9mm Pistol - MariaOn Benny, as soon as you kill him.9mm Submachine pistol - Vance"s Submachine GunIn Win"s Hideout, within thesafe.Alien BlasterAt the Hovering Anomaly.BB pistol - Abilene child LE BB GunInside the Fiend"s Shack, lying on a shelf.Bladed Gauntlet - throw OpenerIn Camp McCarran, own by LittleBuster.Boxing Gloves - golden GlovesInside happy 38 Casino, on the top bar of thecasino floor.Bumper sword - tongue Of The EastIn Legate"s Camp, brought by LegateLanius.Cleaver - ChopperOn the cooktop of Wolfhorn Ranch.Combat Knife - Chance�s KnifeIn Chance"s Grave.Cowboy Repeater - La Longue CarabineIn Camp McCarran, carried by CorporalSterling.Displacer glove - PushyInside the Ruby Hill Mine, top top the human body of a Jackal Gangmember.DogTag Fist - Recompense that The FallenIn Aurelius" desk, top top the top floor ofthe main structure in Cottonwood Cove.Euclid"s C-FinderOn the Freeside Streets, lugged by Max, in and around Nickand Ralph"s.Fat ManIn Quarry Junction, near the skeleton by the southern silt pool. The isalso occasionally uncovered on prospector corpses.Fire Axe - knock KnockIn the Camp Searchlight Fire Station, in therestrooms.Frag Grenade - holy Frag GrenadeIn Camp Searchlight, in the basement that theeastern church. Wild Wasteland have to be taken.Gauss Rifle - YCS/186At the Mercenary Camp; Wild Wasteland trait must notbe taken.Grenade Machine-gun - MercyOn the floor of Dead Wind Cavern, near a deadBoS Paladin.Grenade Rifle - Thump-ThumpAt the Nellis Array, lied on the floor close to the Antmound.Hunting Shotgun - Dinner BellAt the Old Nuclear check Site, within theshack.Laser Pistol - Pew PewAfter perfect "The Legend that The Star" quest, it willbe top top the human body of Allen Marks.Laser Rifle - AER14 PrototypeInside the Vault 22 common Area, ~ above the blockedstairwell only accessible from the Food manufacturing level.Lead pipeline - The Humble CudgelInside the Sealed Sewers, close to theProspector Corpse.Machete - LiberatorIn Nelson, carried by Dead Sea.Minigun - CZ57 AvengerIn the Devil"s Throat, inside, at the earlier of thecontainer trailer, by the dead body.Missile Launcher - AnnabelleIn black color Rock Mountain, brought by the NightkinSniper on black Rock Summit.Marksman Carbine - All-AmericanIn the Armory Cache, Vault 34, ~ above the floor,on an upturned table.Oh, Baby!In the deepest part of Charleston Cave, close to a Chewed StealthBoy.Plasma Rifle - Q-35 issue ModulatorIn the locked shipping room ofREPCONN HQ, in a pod casement.Pulse GunIn the Armory Cache, Vault 34.Sawed-Off Shotgun - big BoomerIn Gibson Scrap Yard, brought by Old LadyGibson.Sniper Rifle - Gobi project Scout RifleIn the footlocker of the Sniper"s Nest,overlooking the Cottonwood Cove.Spiked Knuckles - Love and also HateIn Bonnie Springs, on the Viper GangLeader.Straight Razor - FigaroIn the earlier of King"s institution of Impersonation, ownedby Sergio.Tesla Cannon - Tesla-Beaton PrototypeOn the ground near the crashedVertibird.That GunIn Novac, top top a shelf in the locked storage room inside the Dino BiteGift Shop.This MachineAt the end of the "Dealing through Contreras" quest, it will be areward from Contreras for not turning him in.Varmint Rifle - RatslayerInside the Broc Flower Cave, propped up against thedesk.Zap gloves - Paladin ToasterIn black color Rock Cave, close to the body of the deadprospector.

Once in freeside, go talk to the woman in the atom wrangler, if shes not there wait a couple hours. Ask because that work, also have the "Lady Killer" perk. She will certainly say she requirements debt collected, every one of them are in freeside. The lady killer perk is once you speak to Lady Jane, you can persuade her to fork end the caps, add to she gives you a caravan location, i think over there is 7000 or therefore caps inside. Kill everyone at freeside except: The Kings, The silver Rush people, and Mr. House"s Securitrons. Someone has a C4 charge market it for 548 caps, take it a job at the silver rush guarding the door, you will earn 200 caps, the following job over there is also 200 caps. OR if you have actually awesome weapons, or a death wish kill the Securitron greeter take the key, RUN, or you will DIE. If you want to death them all visit nellis air pressure base, death raquell take it the grenade launcher, really rapid one, not the plain grenade launcher! These ways only take it a few minutes! OR perform a 100 tasks for the king and he"ll gain you a passport and you can use Rex, his dog.

Go to Vault 11 discover the overseer"s password because that his/ her terminal fight all the robots in the basement and also find one more terminal in a little room and also click on the critical entry top top the terminal as lot as you need to acquire to level 30 (probably 5 seconds).

Go to brand-new Vegas, then walk to the silver Rush (there is a big sign that claims "Silver Rush") there is a toilet in the ago of the shop. Go with the unlocked door and then go and get a gun turn off of the table. Take it it to the bathroom and also then placed it in her inventory. You will certainly not obtain caught and you can acquire all the firearms you want.

If loads of deathclaws room chasing you run into water deathclaws are afraid the water and also won"t follow.

I have uncovered the ultimate reminder in fallout, brand-new vegas. Down in the south east corner of her map, (Accessed through pip boy) over there is a town called cottonwood cove. In cottonwood cove over there is a building with a fence top top one side of it. (Possibly containing servants if no yet freed. ) go around to the side opposite if the cage to the next that has stairs top up the side. Inside you will find a guy by the surname of Aurelius that Pheonix. Talk to him. That is giving to prize you because that each NCR trooper girlfriend slay. You should bring back dog tags together proof. Anyway. You have actually the choice to barter instead for tools supplies. Carry out this. (Barter the 35+ required. ) after choosing this don"t leave conversation. Keep picking this. Each time you choose this conversation action, friend will receive 69XP. Rapidly push X come keep choosing this for unlimited XP. (Note: once you exit this conversation, it is no longer accessible) you deserve to gain an ext than one level in ~ a time. Ns have currently went increase 10 levels, now level 41. Great luck gamers.

Goto Vault 11 (northwest that Boulder City) and also find the overseers password. Go through the Reactor level to discover the password in the Atrium (on the podium: hologram) goto the overseers office and also go down to the sacrificial chamber. Watch the movie and also kill the robots the goto the computer and also click the third option an initial and continue to click it until wanted level. (Note: usable once if you leave the computer or pick an additional option byebye glitch. ).

1. Northern PassageOn the east rock wall, close to the grave and also "The sunlight IsKilling Me" graffiti.2. Ruby Hill MinePart of the absent wall, simply to the ideal of the door.3. Charleston CavePart that the absent wall, simply to the best of the door, through theheart graffiti.4. Silver top MinePart the the wall, just to the right of the shack with whichyou enter.5. Vault 22On the phibìc bank, throughout from the "Keep Out" sign, by theentrance.6. JacobstownJust exterior the perimeter, come the right of the key entrance,where the at sight Mutants was standing guard.7. Remnants BunkerAbout 10 feet phibìc of the entrance, part of the rockwall.8. Chance"s MapAdjacent to the dust map, v "The sun Is death Me" graffition it.9. Bloodborne CaveJust to the right of the cavern entrance.10. Cannibal Johnson"s CaveJust to the appropriate of the cavern entrance.11. Fisherman"s proud ShackBy the campfire, north-west of the shack.12. Camp GuardianNext to the Camp Guardian population sign, at the basic ofthe path up come Guardian Peak.13. Follower"s OutpostBuilt into the steps of the signal box structure.14. Boulder beach CampgroundBy the next of the road, north-west that thejetties, with "The sun Is killing Me" graffiti.15. Cazador NestPart that the absent wall, ~ above the east side that the nest alcove,facing ago towards the alcove.16. Lack VillageAt the start of the Ravine Path, close come the corpses andtents.17. Makeshift great Kahn CampOn the west side of camp, near the desertplants.18. Yangtze MemorialAt the base of the south steps, v the peace symbolgraffiti.19. Goodsprings CaveJust to the ideal of the cavern entrance.20. PrimmAttached come a large rock, near the scattered chems and also the rockperimeter, above the concrete support wall.21. Jack hare SpringsSouth that the pools the radiation, top top the shore of the DryLake.22. Morning Star CavernBy the enntrance gate to the cavern, by the bones and theexplosive crate.23. Crescent Canyon WestIn the canyon, on the west departure slope, surrounding toa rusting auto husk.24. Crescent Canyon EastOn the eastern exist slope, simply after the railbridge.25. Vault 11Just to the appropriate of the entrance.26. Black Rock CaveJust to the north of the please radar dish.27. El Dorado dried LakeWest that the Savaged Brahmin, in the sands of the DryLake.28. Surprise ValleyWest of the eastern bunker, v the "no missile" and also heartgraffiti.29. Powder Ganger Camp EastNext come a honey Mesquite Tree, approximately 20 come 30feet south of the camp.30. Primm PassClose come the Brahmin bones, ~ above the western finish of thepass.31. Dead Wind CavernOn the south rock wall slope, about 20 to 30 feetfrom the entrance.32. Concealed Supply CaveTo the left the the cavern entrance, through the "no missile"graffiti.33. Walking box CavernAround 20 come 30 feet eastern of the cavernentrance.34. Broc Flower CaveAt the foot the the entrance slope, with "The sun IsKilling Me" graffiti.35. Exit BoS BunkerWith the little cluster the rocks and also shale top top theslope leading up to the bunker grating.36. Techatticup MineTo the ideal of the entrance, through the white blocksgraffiti.37. Lucky Jim MineSlightly past the shack, near the wooden cart.38. Searchlight North yellow MineOn the flat rock financial institution to the southern of theentrance hole.39. Searchlight east Gold MineSoutheast that the entrance; climb on the heap ofrock and also shale to reach it.40. Cottonwood CaveOn the road between the two sets of crucifixion poles,with "The sunlight Is killing Me" graffiti.41. Bradley"s ShackOn the west next of the entrance, through the tiny valleylandslide.42. Fire source CavernAt the foot that the entrance slope, ~ above the left.

Goodsprings - Goodsprings Cemetery : close to the water tower is a spot ofupturned soil by a small, rectangular grave marker. The Snow globe is sit in frontof the marker.Hoover Dam - Hoover Dam : search the visitor facility for a terminal close to twocurved desks. The Snow globe can be found on a workdesk here.Nellis AFB - Nellis Air force Base : Pete"s makeshift museum hold this SnowGlobe. It"s top top a table in the corner under a mural.Mormon fort - Old Mormon ft : Julie Farkas has actually an office inside a tower at thefort. The Snow globe is on height of a bookcase here.Mt. Charleston Snow globe - Jacobstown : In the lodge, search the enntrance gate andreception area. This Snow world is sit on a curved desk by part terminals.Test site - lucky 38 Casino : Head come the cocktail lounge and look for the cashregister. It"s across from the entrance. The Snow globe is behind the register.The strip - Vault 21 : after you accessibility Sarah"s locked bedroom, grab this SnowGlobe turn off of the table in between the two beds.

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If girlfriend can acquire your speech ability to at least 50 or higher, you deserve to persuade Old Ben tooffer his escort services to the regional bar. If you succeed in his speech Challenge, yougain 61 XP. If you monitor him back to the bar later on and wait until he sits down, youcan speak come him again and redo the same Speech challenge over and also over again forunlimited XP. Girlfriend can find Old Ben sitting by a fire close to the King headquarters inFreeside.