In fallout 3, the advice loading screen said I have the right to stop a confrontation if I put my weapon away and the hostile NPC just can forgive me. Has actually this actually ever before worked? has anyone else ever before done it?


Yeah dude it functions all the time, if you accidentally shoot someone when or double holster her weapon and they'll pardon you. It only works with friendly characters though, not through raiders or feral ghouls etc. Just be carful because sometimes that won't protect against your companion from continuing to attack

I accidently fight a BoS male with a baseball bat as soon as a few days ago and he was not forgiving in ~ all.

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Was in the resources Wasteland making use of TTW, however wouldn't have thought that would certainly make any difference...

Yeah, I've tried the in Megaton, once I had a 'premature' inadvertently firing minute when i was trying out a total I'd just bought, i don't think I eliminated an NPC yet I did hit them and also the entirety town went stunner so I simply holstered and gave up and the entirety town simply forgot about it.

It go work, yes, but generally speaking just if:

The adversary NPC(s) aren't normally hostile. So, for example, if you accidentally shot someone in Megaton and everyone's currently shooting at you, girlfriend can shot the holstering trick. It would certainly not job-related in the middle of a Raider den, v all the Raiders make the efforts to offer you a collection of brand-new orifices.

You haven't eliminated anyone. If you accidentally shot someone in Megaton yet didn't kill them, climate you can shot the holstering trick. If you've accidentally killed someone, though, possibilities are they'll continue shooting in ~ you also if you're no holding a weapon.

Depends top top the NPC in question, yet yes it absolutely does work. If friend accidentally shoot a trusted person and also then holster your weapons they will certainly forgive you. Execute it again and they won't it is in so forgiving.

You have the right to use this to shoot a nice gun out of someones hand. They'll most likely pick the up however you deserve to pickpocket it instead of killing them because that the weapon.

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oooooh... Friend know.. I've constantly wanted La Longue Carabine, yet didn't desire to shed NCR by killing him. But yeah, one shooting to make him angry and also draw the weapon, and also another come knock it out of his hands!

Most that the time. I accidentally shoot the doctor lady in Novac while trying to death the nightkin that's death brahmin. Ns think i shot her double so once I establish I had actually I holstered mine weapon and also everyone went earlier to being friendly.