I just beat Fable 3, among my most anticipated games of the year, and much to my surprise, i absolutely loathed it. It’s strange, due to the fact that in many ways it’s specifically like Fable 2, which i actually chose as my video game of the year as soon as it was released. For this reason why then, perform I hate, hate, hate this one therefore much?

I favored Fable 2 because it boosted over that predecessor. It broadened customization, skills, the plot, every little thing was deeper, richer and also had an ext thought put right into it. Yes, the still had some issues to it is in resolved, but surely those would certainly at least boost somewhat in the 3rd chapter, right?

Fable 3 could be among the laziest gamings I’ve ever before played. There are virtually no differences in gameplay or functions from the critical game, the developers not bothering to add brand-new weapon varieties or spells. No bothering to make any type of of the jobs various from every other, any of the people different from each other, or any type of of the weapons various from each other. Baking pies is the exact same mechanic together forging iron, a nobleman is simply as uninteresting in appearance and speech together a peasant, and a magic gun death foes as conveniently as a regular one.

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I feel so strongly about all the points that space wrong v this game, what you’re around to witness is precise the longest solitary post in Unreality history. It’s a rant of epos proportions clocking in at 2,800 words and also counting. I information each aspect of the video game that infuriates me, and also if you’re a fan of the series, or just come here because you prefer hearing me bitch around stuff, climate boy, this is the short article for you. Review on.

The Poorly Played the end Plot


You want me to it is in king? No say thanks to you.

The fact that I’ve already beaten this video game is the genesis for me writing this short article at all. I preferred Fable 2 due to the fact that it kept going long after I assumed it had actually reached that is peak. Yet when I believed Fable 3 was just obtaining started, things were over in a flash.

I have no problem with the very first part the the game. Gathering allies across a country by doing assorted quests to win their favor can not it is in the many original idea in RPG history, yet it’s agree enough. Soon I was all set to fall the king, and also so i did with ease. (Spoilers front from currently on in this section).

But now, the video game tells me, your journey is simply beginning, you’re king now and also have come decide just how to rule. I am literally now provided the alternative to it is in an angel (good) king or evil one (evil) king, (with wings to match) by deciding how to dominance the kingdom. Together it transforms out, my brothers was together a cock to prepare because that an incoming intrusion of evil, and I would have to now decision whether or not to you re welcome the world at the risk of your safety, or end up being hated however fend off their brewing doom.

The way to perform this to be to fill the kingdom’s treasure v gold. I required $6.5M to save them all, and also making $100,000 every five minutes that gameplay (as ns owned practically every store and piece of building in the country) I believed I had actually a quite reasonable shot with 365 job on the clock.


The second half of the video game is not a half at all, the was merely an extra hour or so, where each day you would certainly wake up, wander over to her throne room and make some decision whether or not to develop an orphanage or farm the youngsters for your organs. One decision always made the people happy, yet cost you an ass ton that money, and the other would make them boo you in the streets, yet the literal mountain of gold in your treasury would certainly grow.

For the first few days, I always did the nice thing, reasoning by the time the invasions rolled approximately I would have sufficient coin come finance the whole war myself, and as proud owner the every building in Albion, ns figured that was a reasonable goal.

But then time began speeding up. ~ my very first day that rule, there to be 360 job left. After my next, 290, then 220 and every one of a suddenly 120. This wasn’t a year at all! After ns finished the last item on each everyday list, ns would immediately be teleported right into the future through an unsure amount that days. Ns was never ever sure what was ahead, so how would I know if i had sufficient time to do the jae won goal?

As that turned out, ns didn’t, no by a lengthy shot. Despite sinking millions of my very own cash right into the treasury, i only had $2.2M when I finished day 122. I’ll wander around later, ns thought, I’ll let my cash amass and also then move it come make certain I save everyone.

Does 122 job left sound prefer the last day the something to you?

But that was, and after ns finished one last arbitrary quest, ns was thrust into the thick of the invasion, with no means to turn back, or earn more cash or upgrades. Most of Albion to be slain, and what should have actually been whole chapter of the game was lessened to a poorly constructed hour that insipid account keeping. Ns can’t think this video game is actually over this quickly.

The Cake-Walk Combat


…and repeat

I’ve offered Fable a free pass top top this because that a when now, but it’s gained to the suggest where something have to be done. This game’s combat system is unreasonably unbalanced, and also makes the whole game almost a joke. Also doing a substantial chunk the the sidequests, I’ve win the entire thing already, and the combat system has actually been a major contributing factor helping that along.

The only time war are daunting are when the camera zooms in to show an adversary you’re killing in slow-moving motion. This could be reasonable if you’re performing a rare unique move, but the video game is programmed come execute the slo-mo command at random, even during normal maneuvers, and sometimes once you’re say, shoot a skeleton 100 feet away, it will certainly zoom in on its slow motion demise for 5 seconds as in the meantime, you’re gaining swarmed by 6 various other enemies.

In Fable 3, your knife is an ext or much less useless. If you desire to take it on a team with your melee weapon, you’ll have to block, lunge, parry, dodge, fee attack and your opponents will block fifty percent your attacks. And also that’s if there’s only one of them. Being surrounding by a crowd provides sword fighting even an ext unbearable, due to the fact that after all, why would certainly you want to totter a sword, as soon as you can roll away and blast everyone v a rifle? The total is the much easier alternative to the sword, together no adversary in the game can efficiently block bullets. There’s a reason swordplay in combat went the end the home window once gunpowder was invented.

But why shoot a gun when you can just explode everyone onscreen with magic? Yes, magic is still giant overpowered in Fable 3, and also the charged area of impact B strike is the key to winning any kind of battle. Not just are over there no new spells at all in this “new” game, but the old ones are as unbalanced as they ever before were. Spells choose Vortex and Force press are quiet useless, while the lightning assault remains the “kill everything” switch present in the first two games. And now through the strength to incorporate spells, I can electrocute and also burn my adversaries to ash, and also it if the doesn’t death them instantly (which it generally does), I can slice and shoot them as they hang there motionless, frozen by electrical energy for what seems like ages.

This tactic works on literally any enemy in the game. I just spend 5 minutes mashing B electro-fireballs at the last boss who was frozen in ar by the spell. Sure, it take it 30-40 hits to death him as opposed come the usual 4-5, but never to be there any kind of real risk to me. In fact, I’ve died a grand total of once in this whole game, and also I’ve only offered 2 health and wellness potions in my entire combat history. Yes, it’s true, i could select to only use the sword and also combat would generally be a great deal an ext challenging, yet that’s choose saying I have to play v Halo Reach‘s project using only a pistol also though there are way far better guns available. It’s no my fault B is a “win button” nor need to I be the one responsible for making the game more daunting by handicapping myself.

If you’re walking to design a video game for children, it’s most likely not a great idea to rate it Mature.

The Mind-Numbing Navigation


“Where the f*ck space we?”

Navigation in this video game is a train wreck. Yes, Peter Molyneux’s brightly lit breadcrumb trail taking you to your next destination is still in place, though ns have had actually the video game glitch several times where the follow wouldn’t appear at all, or would certainly flutter in and out prefer the magic dust had actually a fuse that required to it is in changed.

But the troubles lie an ext in the rapid travel system and mini-map. Let’s say I desire to walk to a city to to buy a toy watercraft for mine kid. A reasonably simple task right? In a common game, I’d press pick to traction up the mini-map, find the store, i beg your pardon is labeled on the map, set a waypoint for it, fast travel to the town, and follow the waypoint till I acquired there. In Fable 3? Here’s the process :

I push start, I’m required to my Sanctuary where I have to walk end to the map. I zoom into the country, then discover the city ns want. I zoom in further. Now, i can’t set a practice waypoint, so ns just have actually to fast travel to the city in general. Based on no discernible criteria, I may teleport two feet from where I must go, or ns may show up 3 miles outside of town, and also have to fight 3 legions the mercenaries to acquire there.

Once I’m in town, ns don’t understand where the shop is and also my alternatives are one of two people to walk about to every story i see, and also press A to review the sign in front of the to see if it’s the save I want, or i pull increase the mini-map, which is a rudely 3D calculation of the city the looks almost nothing favor what surrounding you. I float over every structure until I find the appropriate one. Again, i can’t set a waypoint, for this reason I have to take note of what’s around it. Difficulty is, ns can’t also see where I am on the map, together there’s nothing come indicate everywhere that “YOU are HERE.” how the hell do you forget something that simple in a video game in 2010?

I unpause native the mini-map, and am instantly lost as the next site look nothing prefer the map I just came from, so ns wander roughly aimlessly until I stumble upon the shop by accident or provide up and decide my son doesn’t need a cursed toy watercraft after all. Custom waypoints, a readable, easily easily accessible map with a “You are Here” feature are things we take for granted in most contemporary RPGs, yet in Fable 3 they it seems to be ~ to be luxuries the designers couldn’t be bothered with.


People save telling me ns missed an facet of fast travel, wherein you can use the magnifying glass to travel to a specific building, and also you’re planted adjacent (sometimes) and are led over there by the glow trail. I simply went and tried what friend said and it walk work. Ns guess since it said “Do you want to take trip to Bowerstone Market” rather than “Do you desire to travel to the Blacksmith’s” ns didn’t understand I to be being led there, and the follow was now guiding me come the store quite than the existing quest I had active.

Looking back, i did try this magnifying glass an approach when i was playing before you all brought it up, but sometimes it would plant me at the door, periodically it would certainly plant me far, much away, which ns didn’t understand, and didn’t gain that the trail had now changed to be directing me to the location. This would certainly all be solved if they just made that so you could fast travel to any kind of property sign, and also I’m not certain what would have been so complicated about that.

Maybe I’m a moron, however if I deserve to play with the entire game twice without realizing the mechanic remained in place, ns don’t think it’s really intuitive or denote properly.

The ridiculous Relationships


Ugh. Let’s gain married. I guess.

The character interaction system in Fable is, and has always been, for sure moronic. Much lazier 보다 Bioware or Bethesda, Lionshead merely fills the people with a bunch the lookalike NPCs with no yes, really dialogue. Sure they dress in different ways in miscellaneous regions, yet the graphics space so bad, all their deals with look prefer something out of a fear film. And you’re supposed to want to befriend, impress and DATE this people.

Lionshead’s systems to making human being interaction intolerable was no to adjust anything, or make any NPC have anything coherent to say, no, they simply offer you XP because that performing “expressions” now, a Sims-like form of interaction that rarely entails words.

But it’s not also like this expressions correspond to the human being you’re talk to. Sure, probably I’ll seduce mar the bartender through a few dance moves, yet I’d rather not to execute the very same to Sam the Blacksmith. Why no pick one more option? i can’t, because usually just two expression options appear onscreen at a time, and my other selection is to dance choose a chicken.

At first I to be going to pick some random NPC come date and also marry for this reason I can experience that facet of the game, however after no being able come tell a 20 year old maiden indigenous a 60 year old crone since of supremely terrible character models, I gave up. Till Elise.

Elise to be my girl friend at the time I determined to spare at the beginning of the game. There to be a mildly amazing subplot whereby I rescued her from kidnappers and made her break off her engagement. Later, i randomly uncovered her in a bar, and also the game seemed to want me to propose to her, so ns did. Seeing together she’s the only distinct looking female NPC in the game, that seemed prefer a an excellent decision.

I took her ago to our newly bought mansion because that our honeymoon night whereby we go the nasty in one of Fable‘s generally retarded blacked the end sex scenes. Yet when ns woke up the following morning, apparently it began to burn once I peed.

I marry the girl the game more or much less sets me increase with, shot to have actually a family members with her, and also I obtain an STD, also though she’s the just in-game woman I’ve slept with? You offered the female lead in her own video game an STD? Seriously?



So finally, after ~ a totality lot that itching, ns did control to pop out a child. It was actually sort of a magical moment, as I’d skipped doing for this reason in the previous games as ns heard lock were just chores. I had actually a tiny infant girl I named Ivy, and also I would certainly sing come her and be a an excellent dad.

But what did I uncover when I changed from my long voyage come Aurora? My tiny Ivy had grown into a seven year old black color GIRL. Look, I’m not trying to it is in racist right here at all, I’m merely pointing out the can be fried laziness the accompanies something favor this happening. Despite as much as I deserve to tell, you can only it is in a white hero (an concern in itself, as I’m pretty certain you get even whiter with “increased ethical standing”), and the girl’s mom is most absolutely white together well. Plainly rather than take the five minutes vital to create code that factors the parents’ gyeongju in, there’s just a fully random son generator system in ar that can produce a son of any kind of kind that appearance, nevertheless of pesky things choose genetics. Pure laziness. I’d try for another kid to check out what would happen this time, but I don’t want any more STDs. I likewise suspect my wife has actually cheated top top me through a black guy.

Every so regularly my family members makes me come ago home for this reason they can provide me a present, or ns can give them a present, however that’s really it. There’s mild satisfaction from having actually a virtual family members love you, however after the initial great vibrations, the does end up being a chore.

The entire character communication system in Fable is horrific. There’s no factor to want to talk to anyone, as no one ever before actually has actually anything come say. The just time you’ll hear anything remotely amazing is throughout a quest, but even then, the dialogue is full of Fable’s horrible writing team the desperately do the efforts to be funny v every line, however rarely ever is.

This is the precise opposite of say, Mass Effect, where practically every person you see has actually something worth hearing. Might you see Commander Shepard walking up to the Asari consort and flapping his arms choose a chicken therefore she likes him enough to give him part meat pie? I understand it’s a various kind the game, but again this is rated “Mature” after all, despite everything about the video game is the farthest point from it.

In Conclusion

There room many an ext things I might talk about here. I could say just how my dog apparently has actually been kicked in the head because the last game and also can’t find treasure without obtaining stuck top top a wall for twenty minutes. I could say just how the characters skate approximately the display screen with a physics engine that thinks cobblestone is ice. I could talk about how annoying it is to not be able to load a previous save when you realize you’ve coincidentally drained the lake in your earlier yard to make way for a mine. I could talk around how lame the is to command a get an impression ass male through a dangerous cavern by the hand, only our hands don’t in reality touch 80% of the time due to bad programming.

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I simply don’t understand how you have the right to take a game that to be pretty an excellent but then add absolutely nothing come it because that the sequel, and in part instances also takes attributes away. I don’t understand how you might make it shorter, do combat also less balanced and somehow do the human being uglier and less worth exploring. I just don’t get it.