times”(105). As shown, Bradbury uses this metaphor to symbolize and reveal the oppressive relationship between the government and its people. This relation is being compared to the dictator relationship of sheep and their shepherds. In this case, Montag is the sheep and the controlling government is the shepherd. Beatty explains it as straying because similar to how sheep get out from under the strict conditions of their shepherds, occasionally people in this society try to think against and rebel the rules. Montag has gone astray and in this part of the book he is not willing to go back to work after the incident with the old woman. He realises how she provided insight towards his inner self and that she had to have died for something important. Further, this example of oppression from the book shows that the government thinks they have been successful in controlling what knowledge the people can gain, so that if no one has more sensibility than them, who will be able to oppose their decisions? Additionally, another reference to the novel that illustrates the metaphor device as a way to show oppression is when Montag talks to Faber about the rebellion. However, Faber thinks it is too late and is not willing to take the risk at first. Faber quotes: “Why waste your final hours racing about your cage denying you’re a squirrel” (68). This example of a metaphor compares the people of 451 to squirrels locked in a cage. The people have been censored from everything outside of this cage they have been pressed into, everyone the same. Faber explains it as being Montag’s final hours because no one including him acted when it could have changed the outcome but now he is trying to change his society after everyone has already been sucked int...... middle of paper ......ges his thinking about her and about his whole society. Montag is revealed as being humane, unlike the rest of society, however is still restricted on talking because of the strict conditions made.The author of Fahrenheit 451, through Foil, Similes, and metaphors showed to us a practical and effective way to present how the theme of oppression is being used in this novel. It shows how the government unjustly controlled its people and how the people sucked into the orders cannot think properly. People started to enjoy the sad as shown many times in the novel.

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If it was not for Montag, the people are not going to realise even after the war that what they were doing is wrong. Processing mass culture to think and say the same things will result in a boring, empty and gray world, people would turn to machines, doing the same every day, not rebelling orders.