The European enlightenment was a activity in 17th and also 18th century Europe that emphasized the denial of classic ideas around religion, governance, and society. The enlightenment grew out of the europe Renaissance and also Scientific Revolution. Knowledge thinkers believed that a scientific method to knowledge and also learning might be used to person actions and relationships. Enlightenment thinkers tended to focus on how ideal to promote separation, personal, instance liberty and also freedom. While the knowledge started in Europe, it inspired far-ranging historical changes throughout the world. 

Over the two centuries of the european Enlightenment, numerous thinkers discussed the ideal ways to framework communities and also societies. Knowledge thinkers often intensely disagreed with one another. Numerous Enlightenment thinkers were hostile to facility political and spiritual systems, particularly absolute politics power and also the duty of the church in government. This questioning the old politics and spiritual systems caused several influential knowledge philosophers leaving your homelands and living in exile to prevent their arrests and potential executions.

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Enlightenment thinkers developed brand-new ideas across fields the study. Listed below are three common ideas that countless Enlightenment theorists wrote about and debated.

Enlightenment philosophers likewise grappled v the duty of the individual and how finest to safeguard their freedoms. Some knowledge philosophers said that the just legitimate (lawful) political device protects one individual’s rights.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) wrote that a government was only legitimate if it defended “the basic will” that the people as a whole. The “general will” being the which is in the common an excellent or interest. 

Social contracts are the rules that culture defines for itself and also its civilization to keep culture running smoothly. Society contracts lay the end the rights and also responsibilities of various people, groups, and institutions within a community. There is nobody correct variation of a social contract. Different philosophers hold differing beliefs around the roles and responsibilities of cultures many completing social groups.

Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) created that us live in a state that nature without rules, i m sorry is insecure and dangerous. He argued that human being come together into societies and also create society contracts. That these social contracts border our freedoms, however they also provide us safety and also protection. Without this social contracts, he believed man stayed in “a state the nature” wherein none would certainly be safe.

Enlightenment philosophers generally believed that all world were born with an essential human civil liberties that no one or no government could take away. They dubbed these civil liberties “natural rights.” knowledge philosophers check to define the principle of natural rights.

John Locke (1632-1704) included thought, religion, and property in his natural rights list.

Explore the painting below title The fatality of Socrates by French artist Jacques luigi David. David painted this painting throughout the European enlightenment period. Note just how the artist has included Enlightenment ideas into the painting.

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 There were hundreds of popular European enlightenment philosophers from the 17th and also 18th centuries. Listed below are those ideal known for their principles on the social contract, the individual, and natural rights.

Major ideas

Famous Quote


John Locke (1632-1704)

this consent should come with actions such together voting this consent should come with actions such as voting God go not choose monarchs the people should be can be fried (rule) the ideal to dominance arises from the "consent the the governed" (their permission to rule) consent come govern need to come with actions such as voting
"The obvious answer is that rights in the state of nature are constantly exposed to the assault of others. Because every male is equal and since most guys do not problem themselves v equity and also justice, the enjoyment of legal rights in the state that nature is unsafe and also insecure. Hence each male joins in society with others to preserve his life, liberty, and property."


government power in a solitary individual"s hands will certainly be abused to avoid abuse, power must be separated into executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government
"Political liberty is to be found only in middle governments; and even in these it is not always found. The is there only when there is no abuse the power...When the legislative and also executive powers room united in the very same person, or in the same body that magistrates , there have the right to be no liberty. . . . Again, over there is no liberty if the judiciary strength be no separated indigenous the legislative and also executive…"


governments should work to safeguard "the basic will" culture is a social contract in between citizens and also government the human being can break the contract and rebel if the government does not defend their legal rights (a revolution)
"From everything side we method our principle, we reach the very same conclusion, that the society compact set up among the citizens an equality of together a kind, the they all bind themselves to watch the very same conditions and should because of this all gain the same rights. "


liberty of thought, expression, and religion are basic natural civil liberties separation the church and also state protects basic rights


women"s first duty is to be a an excellent mother women should have the ability to decide what is finest for themselves women should not be totally dependent on their husbands equal education and learning for boys and also girls leads to healthier societies