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Item Description

The moment-g.com Performa blood glucose meter makes testing your blood sugar quick and easy. It’s all set to use right out the the box, inquiry no set-up. Each meter uses moment-g.com Performa test strips and an moment-g.com lancing device. Advantageous alerts repeat you to check before and also after meals, offering you valuable information to assistance therapy decisions because that a healthy energetic life.

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Product Manuals

After 2 minute undisturbed with strip inserted, or if powered on but left undisturbed because that 2 minutes

18 months after production date; test strips continue to be stable approximately expiry day printed top top test piece vial, also after opened (test piece container have to be close up door tightly after every test strip is removed)

How to usage the moment-g.com Performa

Get specific results in 3 steps:

Insert your test strip into the meter and also it turns on automatically.Apply your blood sample come the easy-to-see yellow window. Just 1 small drop is needed.In about 5 seconds, her test results will show up in the easy-to-read display.
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Battery is dead. Insert brand-new battery. Insert one 3-volt lithium battery (coin cell type CR2032)Display is damaged. Call (insert affiliate call information)Meter is defective. Contact (insert affiliate call information)Extreme temperatures. Move the meter to a an ext temperate area.
Your meter steps blood glucose in ~ a defined variety (0.6–33.3 mmol/L).The display may suggest that her blood glucose is above than the measuring range of the device (33.3 mmol/L).Immediately repeat the test. If her test result matches just how you feel, call your healthcare expert immediately.If this does not match how girlfriend feel, contact.
Your meter actions blood glucose within a defined range (0.6–33.3 mmol/L).The display may show that your blood glucose is reduced than the measuring selection of the mechanism (0.6 mmol/L).Immediately repeat the test. If her test an outcome matches how you feel, call your healthcare experienced immediately.If this go not match how girlfriend feel, contact.

The test strip might be damaged or not correctly inserted. Remove and reinsert the check strip, or replace it if damaged.

Your blood glucose might be extremely high or a meter or a test piece error has actually occurred.

If her test result matches just how you feel, contact your healthcare expert immediately.If her test an outcome does not match how girlfriend feel, repeat the blood glucose test.If the E-3 password still shows up for her blood glucose test, her blood glucose result may be incredibly high and above the system’s analysis range. Call your healthcare professional immediately.If the 2nd test an outcome does not enhance how friend feel, carry out a regulate test with the regulate solution and a new test strip.If the control an outcome is within the acceptable range, testimonial the proper testing procedure and repeat the blood glucose test with a new test strip.If the control an outcome is not within the agree range, contact Roche

Not sufficient blood or control solution was attracted into the test strip for measure up or was applied after the test had actually started. Discard the test strip and also repeat the blood glucose or control test.

Blood or control solution was used to the test strip prior to the flashing fall symbol appeared on the display. Discard the check strip and repeat the blood glucose or manage test.

An electronic error occurred, or in rare cases, a offered test piece was removed and reinserted. Revolve the meter o. And on, or take it the battery out for 20 seconds and reinsert it. Do a blood glucose or manage test.

The temperature is above or listed below the proper selection for the system. Describe the test piece package insert for device operating conditions. Move to an area v the suitable conditions, wait until the meter and also test piece reach the operation temperature (8-44 °C), and repeat the blood glucose or manage test. Execute not artificially warm or cool the meter.

The battery is almost out of power. Adjust the battery now. If the message reappears ~ the battery has been replaced, remove the battery again, press any meter button, then reinsert the battery.

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The time and also date settings might be incorrect. Make sure the time and also date are correct and adjust, if necessary.