Byline: Deirdre O"Brien ANGELINA JOLIE on ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton Before: `When ns met Billy Bob ns was just 5% alive. Now everythingis like magic. Billy Bob and I room together and always will be." After: `That man has actually no conscience and also no soul." Lasted: 2 year SHARON stone on ex-boyfriend Dwight Yoakam Before: `He"s a smart, an extremely sexy, cool guy. A hell the a lot offun!" After: `Dwight"s less appealing 보다 a s**t sandwich. I"mincredibly disappointed ns still need to see photos of together anunimportant relationship." Lasted: couple of months JOAN COLLINS on ex-husband number four Peter Holm Before: `Peter is his very own man, that"s what ns love. He"sin manage of all my finances and does all that boring stuff." After: `Peter to be a major, significant mistake. He viewed me as a moneymachine." Lasted: 7 months MELANIE HILL top top ex-husband Sean bean Before: `I never ever want come be through anybody else. That is gorgeous andthe only guy I want." After: `I"m ailing of him and I want out. I"m fed up ofbeing treated like a doormat - our marital relationship is a sham." Lasted: 6 years BRIAN HARVEY top top ex-fiancee Danniella Westbrook Before: `I love her, man, ns love everything about her andwe"re gonna acquire married, we"re in love." After: `She is a f***ing idiot and she desires to stay clear that mebecause that what will take place if I view her."
Lasted: 1 year halle BERRY top top ex-husband David justice Before: `He had actually his mother"s surname tattooed on his arm. I feltthat a male who loves his mother that much is going to respect me. Irecognised a gentle top quality in David." After: `The factor it looked prefer a fairy tale is becausethat"s all it was. The didn"t really exist. The went chasingafter every stripper and prostitute and also every twinkie walking previous in askirt." Lasted: 4 years CHARLIE SHEEN ~ above ex-wife Donna Peele Before: `I am an extremely much in love v Donna, pains in love. Ijust desire to spend the rest of mine life with her." After: `There was a voice informing me that this will not work. Ishould have actually listened come it." Lasted: 5 month MIMI ROGERS top top ex-husband Tom Cruise Before: `He"s an very good, decent person. One of thenicest human being I"ve ever before met." After: `He thought he had actually to it is in celibate to maintain the purity ofhis instrument. However I like to pat mine native time come time." Lasted: 3 year UMA THURMAN on ex-husband Gary Oldman Before: `I love him really much. He"s perfect." After: `I shouldn"t have married him, it takes a unique kindof woman to put up through him. Ns didn"t have enough experience torealise a relationship have the right to be therefore dysfunctional." Lasted: 2 years CHRISTIE BRINKLEY ~ above ex-husband Richard Taubman Before: `What I have actually with Ricky is what I"ve constantly wanted. Iwas trying to find honesty and also I"ve discovered it." After: `I must have been whacked on the head. This to be an expensiverelationship for my wallet and also my heart." Lasted: 7 months MIA FARROW on ex-long-term partner Woody Allen Before: `I"m married in the feeling that Woody and I aretogether in a commited way. We"ve been with each other for so many yearsand I favor the arrangement." After: `He"s a monstrous, lying small pervert. Ns regret theday ns met him. I hope I never ever see the again." Lasted: 12 years SYLVESTER STALLONE top top ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen Before: `She is the the very least vain beautiful mrs I"ve everknown. I"ve never met a much more endearing human in my life." After: `It was challenging facing the ridicule that poured in from allover the human being day ~ day. Ns was trashed and also humiliated." Lasted: 19 months
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Sunday winter (London, England)
Jun 29, 2003
VIDEO STARS: Celebrity popular music idols; us asked three celebs - Jade Goody, Avid Merrion and Terri Dwyer - to pick a moment from your favourite music...

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INSIDE STORY: Angels" delight; Hollywood"s hottest, highest-paid action heroines re-superstructure secrets around their careers, gift beautiful and why they"re...
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