Let’s confront it, everything around Texas is BIG! The sheer dimension of this state deserve to make the overwhelming to choose out the hotspots to visit.

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Texas’s attractions are worth the trip, though. And also with a good selection of sunlight RV resorts in the Lone Star State, you’ll constantly have a comfy location to rest your head.

To assist you setup your trip, we’ve draft this Texas road expedition along I-35 from Dallas/Fort precious to mountain Antonio. Follow me the way, you deserve to stop at seven Sun RV resorts and also see the ideal attractions in Texas. Let’s take it indigenous the top.

Texas road Trip

Dallas/Fort precious Metroplex

Dallas and also Fort Worth form a bustling metropolis, periodically referred to together The Metroplex or DFW. This urban location has every one of the glittering appeal the you’d expect from the central jewel of phibìc Texas. In DFW, you’ll discover the great mix of culture and background that attractive millions come this hub every year.

In the historic West finish District that downtown Dallas, you’ll discover The Dallas human being Aquarium. An aquatic wonder, The Dallas world Aquarium showcases both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems. This gem likewise houses an array of birds, mammals, and amphibians from across the world. Through so many animals, you can enjoy an exciting and also educational visit!

Just exterior of downtown, the Dallas Arboretum and also Botanical Gardens will deliver you to a civilization full the exotic natural beauty. As you roam, girlfriend can explore 66 acre of manicured grounds top top the shores of White rock Lake. Plus, you’ll discover selection of gorgeous foliage with enjoyable events obtainable year-round.


Over in fort Worth, you have the right to experience a taste that the Old West at the famous Fort precious Stockyards National historical District. This Texas landmark hosts the world’s just twice-daily cattle drive. Additionally, you’ll find much more than 100 new shopping, dining, and also entertainment venues right on-site.

Just minutes far is the ft Worth Zoo, boasting a wild, fun-filled adventure that the whole family have the right to enjoy. An additional must-see attraction in this area is the at & t Stadium, residence of the Dallas Cowboys football team and the world’s largest domed structure! Plus, AT&T stadium doubles as an arts museum with modern artwork and also architecture come enjoy.

Nearby Resorts

The City that West

On your means south from the DFW Metroplex, make a pit avoid along the I-35 corridor at leave 353. Below in West, Texas, you have the right to stop for a bite at the famous Czech Stop. This local bakery disclosure Czech heritage, serving up morsels like Kolaches, made new daily.

Welcome come Waco

With your belly full of delicious Czech fare, head ago on I-35 to exit 335 and stop in lovely Waco. A tiny known fact around the state of Texas is that many locals describe all soda together a Coke, even if it’s not a Coca-Cola. The city of Waco simply happens to it is in the birthplace of a really famous Coke – Dr. Pepper!

The Dr. Pepper Museum is committed to the history and conservation of this renowned beverage. The museum homes one that the ideal collections the soft drink memorabilia in the world, including items not just Dr. Pepper related, yet from the entire soft drink industry.


Waco is also home come the Texas Ranger room of Fame and also Museum, honoring those who have served or are currently serving the Texas Rangers. A legend symbol that the American West, visitors deserve to see artifacts and also archives about the proud background of the Texas Ranger. The room of call commemorates the service and sacrifice that 30 people worthy of this distinction.

Trains in Temple

Take a detour in ~ the train depot in Temple, simply off exit 301 indigenous I-35. In this charming town, you can take a tourism of the holy place Railroad & legacy Museum. This attraction is housed in the historical Santa Fe Depot, a installation backdrop for exploring the background of the railroad. Outside, you’ll uncover a arsenal of rail equipment presented on the grounds and an energetic railroad yard.

Amazing Austin

About an hour south, just off leave 234, is the State Capitol of Austin. The Capitol Building, conveniently situated right downtown, is a must-see structure for many tourists. Towering an ext than 300 feet tall, the Texas Capitol is widely known as among the country most identified state capitols. Throughout the year, you have the right to take guided tours through this historical building.

Just 20 minutes southern of downtown is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, situated at The university of Texas. Here, you can discover nine acres of cultivated gardens, a 16-acre Texas Arboretum, a household Garden, and also three mile of trails.

Nearby Resorts

New Braunfels

Have one adventure in brand-new Braunfels in ~ the animal World & Snake farm yard Zoo, appropriate off of exit 187. This curious attraction attributes a range of pets from across the globe. Originally developed in 1967 as a line farm, this basic houses an extensive collection the snakes, reptiles, and also exotic animals. Since becoming one accredited zoological park in 2007, the facility is now home to over 500 different types of animals!

If you’re looking for some wet and wild fun during the summer months, shot tubing top top the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers! Make certain to visit among the competent river outfitters come ensure a an excellent time ~ above the water.

Nearby Resorts

San Antonio Treasures

It’s been a fun-filled journey, but we’ve do it come the last protect against on our Texas roadway trip. In scenic mountain Antonio, you’ll suffer an area where modern and historic worlds meet to kind a thriving metropolis.

Take one excursion north of downtown san Antonio and discover the natural Bridge Caverns. Throughout your visit, you’ll discover natural wonders about every corner! explore passages in the caves with among the guided tours or try the canopy challenge with upright obstacles and also exhilarating zip lines. Plus, you can enjoy an open air maze an obstacle and gem and fossil mining.


Situated amongst the towering high-rise buildings of downtown mountain Antonio is The Alamo. This aged ft is among the most essential historical sites in the world and also defines a vital moment in Texas’s history.

Just a brief walk indigenous The Alamo is the San Antonio flow Walk, an urban waterway special a led walkway running along the riverside. Navigate from next to side on the walking bridges or cruise ~ above the flow taxies because that a completely different perspective. The river Walk offers range of shops, restaurants, and also entertainment paired with an excellent scenery for a spectacular sight.

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Nearby Resorts

With her itinerary in hand, you deserve to now embark on your Texas road trip. Visit every one of these exorbitant attractions or choose out your favorites for the can be fried Texas roadway trip!

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