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This page has Dragon round Z: Supersonic warriors 2 cheats perform for Nintendo DS version. Currently we have actually 5 cheat in ours list, which includes 1 cheats code, 3 easter eggs, 1 secret. Us hope info that you"ll discover at this page aid you in playing Dragon ball Z: Supersonic warrior 2 top top Nintendo DS platform. If friend didn"t find needed cheats put request or asking question around this at special section of the game. Likewise you deserve to subscribe top top all brand-new cheats that we"ll uncover for friend in the future!

There space 2 methods to gain him1:Have Babidi and Vegeta (Super) on her team2:Beat Mania location on the Maximum an option and hold the "L" switch while choosing Vegeta (Super)Please poll hands up!

go to the alternatives and turn back screen off press b,b,b,a,a,a,down,a,down,a,down,a,a,down,a,down,a,down,a,down,a,,

this code transforms player 2 right into hyper mode-use the on both systems in vs fight mode and also choose ss goku broly and perfect cabinet on the client's team to walk CRAZY!!!SPAM AWAY and also HAVE FUN!!!!!

Code:Effect:220D5150 00000003turns player two INSANE!!!!!!

There space a pair of extra 3 person team attacks you deserve to use if you put the 3 world together in the team and charge the E strength to 200 and also touch the touch screen when prompted. Here are the combos i know.

Goku(normal), Vegeta(normal), Picolo

Goku(normal), Gohan(super2), Bardock

Frieza(normal), Cell(complete), Buu(evil)

Trunks(super), Vegeta(super), Gotenks(super3)

I'll keep searching for more 3 human team attacks.

to unlock cooler u require friezago to friezas irritation and beat gohanthen when krillin u should hit him until he has actually less life 보다 u and then evade him until time runs the end then u will view cooler and open the step up native friezas irritation phase ( make certain u have the video game in simple ) u perform this through piccolo android 18# and more characters

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