Eleven month after Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s residence was damaged into and her husband shooting the assailant, a judge has actually now rule to indict celebrity dentist Dr Fadi Al Hashem.

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It has actually been asserted by Al Hashem that the intruder, Mohammed Hassan Al Moussa, was armed when he entered Ajram’s household home ~ above January 5.


At the time, Lebanon’s state-run news outletNational News Agency, reported the Ajram’s husband had actually been charged through intentional murder.

“The public prosecutor in mount Lebanon, judge Ghada Aoun, called on the husband of popular music star Nancy Ajram, Dr Fadi Al Hashem, because that a full investigation,” a declare in the news agency’s report said. Al Hashem to be then referred to the first investigative judge for Mount Lebanon.


Per The National, judge Nicolas Mansour has actually now indicted Al Hashem for the intentional killing of the intruder in self-defence. If prosecuted, the sentence could be approximately 20 years.

When news broke out, Al Hashem revealed that the equipped intruder broke into his house, attempting to go into his daughter’s room, i beg your pardon is when shots were fired. The dentist shoot Moussa in 16 times and also the Syrian guy died.

CCTV footage of the strike was transfer by MTV and also quickly walk viral. In the video, Al Moussa can be seen pointing his gun in ~ the doctor, threaten him. Al Hashem told MTV the the intruder was holding among Ajram’s handbags, questioning for money. The doctor complied, offering him cash from his jacket, but then Al Moussa asked: “Where is the gold? Don’t do me pains you. Contact your wife.”

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Ajram who has actually three youngsters with her husband, previously opened up about the occurrence with LBCI Lebanon News a few days ~ the event occurred.

The 37-year-old admitted she and her husband “wished this did not happen” and also offered her condolences come the assailant’s family.

“Of course, we wish this go not take place to us, yet this is due to circumstances, any type of father would certainly respond if his family is touch by a mere speck of dust,” she said.

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The singer likewise admitted the instance had left her “shaking and also in one indescribable condition”.

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