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TEACHERS" LOUNGE ARCHIVEAre Wal Mart and also Lowe"s connected?>

Does one own the other? i have constantly been bothered by this- same color scheme for the building, they room usually really close come one another, and also so forth. Walk Wally civilization own Lowe"s? I when knew that a website where you can look and also see that owns each big box retailer and also who sit on each board of Directors. Anyone recognize what I"m talk about? All ns can find is snopes.com and also wikipedia-- no the many reliable sources out there.
I will certainly tell girlfriend for sure that Walmart and also Lowes are not own by the exact same person. Sam Walton began Walmart. When he passed away it to be left come his wife and also children. She passed away a few years ago and the youngsters own it.
Funny that you should mention it, however our Walmart is right following door come our Lowes store! Both share the same blue color scheme, although the brand-new Walmart store additional down the highway has actually a green shade scheme. Probably Walmart is acquiring away from blue?
Checked the end snopes and also found out the history of Lowe"s. You discover something brand-new every day. Snopes is usually reliable together is Wikipedia. If miscellaneous is incorrect, civilization are reading it daily. A periodical that is continuous updated. Nice!They"re not associated to Wal-Mart and they"re no owned by a bitter ex-wife. I"ve decided, with only so countless colors in the world, there room bound come be some similarities.
maybe they have actually a cooperation to build nearby? who knows.As found them on industry Watch. Friend may have the ability to Google stuff from there.

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My husband worked for Lowes beginning in the early on days. Numerous of his friends include the last CEO and several VPS. Numerous of them began out in the exact same store, although not in N Wilkesboro. There were no Walmarts in our area earlier then. Since Wallyworld was began by the Walton family and Lowes by Mr. Lowe and some various other man, ns doubt this is true. currently I"m curious what Snoopes says and also heading to check out it simply to watch if any of DH"s old buds space mentioned.
Maybe they use the exact same red,white, and blue color scheme to shot connect thier keep with American-made item or value system- something like that?
I have constantly heard over there is a connection. I think it to be Wal-Mart own a component of Lowe"s...it"s been awhile since I asked. This has come from a VP I know at Wal-Mart that is a close girlfriend of the family. I know in mine state, over there are several Wal-Marts and also Lowes in the same area. That"s why i asked the VP this very question!
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