Bought a party of RumChata because that a party but didn’t also get to open it? now you discovered it sit in the cabinet, a pair of months previous its date. Does RumChata walk bad?

Or girlfriend stored away the leftovers once the last guests left and completely forgot around the bottle the moment you fight the bed. Now, nearly a main later, you’re practically sure the the rum cream is spoiled and that you have to discard it. However instead the jumping the gun, you chose to google if you must toss the or not. And thanks to that impulse, you’ve (most likely) saved you yourself a couple of tasty cocktails for a day night. Or an additional round that drinks with your friends.

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In this brief article, we cover the storage, shelf life, and possible signs that RumChata walking bad. If that’s what you’re feather for, read on.

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How To keep RumChata?

The way you store RumChata is pretty comparable to other rum-based alcohol addict beverages, consisting of rum itself. All it needs is room temperature (or below), and also being strict closed and also away from sources of heat. The appropriate storage temp is between 50-75°F (10-24°C) (RC), for this reason a room in the pantry or kitchen is every you need.

And even though it’s a cream liqueur, you don’t need to refrigerate it after opening. Here’s what the FAQ page on RumChata’s website says around refrigeration (RC):

No, RumChata walk not must be refrigerated. (…) when opened RumChata have the right to remain at room temperature (…)

In situation you to be wondering just how is the possible, those space the marvels that homogenization brings us (ITM). Add to it’s not choose there’s a ton that cream in there. It’s enough to make the liqueur taste as it’s supposed to.

So yeah, even if you left the bottle on the tabletop once the party concluded, the rum cream need to be perfect fine. No have to worry around it spoiling and also whatnot.

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How lengthy Does RumChata Last?

Unlike triple sec, RumChata isn’t among the super-long-lasting liqueurs. Nevertheless, it easily keeps optimal quality for number of years while unopened (RC), and up come 12 months after opened (ITM). Here’s what Charlie mass (Global Branding Officer) says around storing opened RumChata (ITM):

However, a bottle that is opened may start to shed some that its spicy flavor ~ twelve months.

That doesn’t median that after a year the liqueur will spoil, but merely the its quality might not be the best. And also as you and also I know, the high quality doesn’t autumn overnight, but it’s a steady process. In other words, if you keep the leftovers because that another pair of months previous that one year mark, they must still be pretty good.

RumChata (unopened)Several years
RumChata (opened)12 months for ideal quality

Please keep in mind the periods above are approximate.

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How to Tell If RumChata Is Bad?

The brand assures that the bottle will certainly be empty long prior to there are any kind of issues v its contents. However if yours sits for rather a long time, it’s constantly best to give it a fast check prior to drinking, just in case.

Generally, if the party is unopened, and everything seems to be perfect intact, the liqueur have to be perfect safe. If that’s an old bottle, the worst-case scenario is the it doesn’t taste all that good (but tho acceptable most likely).

When it comes to a party that’s already opened, inspect for:

Visual changes, favor a changed color or some development in the bottle. Unlikely to happen, yet it takes just 10 secs to check.Altered smell., a good old noise is a wonderful device that help you conveniently identify spoiled food products.Off taste. If the liqueur tastes plain bad, discard it.

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If the taste of your old RumChata doesn’t rather hit the spot, use it in a cocktail, martini, or a warm drink. If several of the cinnamon and vanilla taste is missing, feel cost-free to add them ~ above your own to spice that up. Mix the old rum cream with other ingredients will cover many of the taste shortcomings.