Medically the review by Debra increased Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT — composed by elegant Gallagher ~ above December 10, 2019

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A cheek piercing, sometimes referred to as a dimple piercing, is a piercing ~ above the side of the face, frequently right above the side of the mouth where a dimple would normally indent.

It can also be put inside an currently existing dimple. Because these piercings can be danger if no done properly, the less usual than others.

This post will walk through what you have the right to expect when obtaining a cheek piercing, the cost, potential side effects, and also proper aftercare.

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Before you acquire your cheek pierced, the human body piercer will look at her mouth. They’re searching for the parotid ducts, which space responsible because that depositing saliva into the mouth.

This is essential because if this glands space damaged in the piercing, they cannot be repaired.

The piercer will mark the placement of the piercing through a marker so you have the right to see what it’ll look at like. Climate you will likely swish an oral rinse. If you worried around the pain, you deserve to ask for a object anesthetic on her skin.

This form of piercing is normally done v a needle rather of a piercing gun, and also can be done from within or exterior the mouth. If it’s done from the outside, the piercer may have actually you put a cork or other obstacle into her mouth so the the needle doesn’t damage your tongue or gum.

In part cases, the piercing will certainly be done with a threaded needle so the the jewelry can immediately go into the hole in one motion.

Cheek piercing pain

The pain you feeling will depend on her tolerance. The cheek has no cartilage (connective tissue), therefore it’s likely to hurt less than a cartilage-dense ar like the upper ear or the nose.

There will be swelling connected with the piercing, and also you may taste or check out blood, which have to clear top top its own as the piercing heals.

How much does the cost?

The price that cheek piercing arrays widely, relying on the quality of the jewelry and where you get your piercing done. It will certainly generally autumn somewhere in between $40 and $100. Store in mind, if a price appears too great to be true, it probably is.

You desire to make sure that her body piercer is highly skilled and has perform a cheek piercing before. You should ask to watch photos of your work, specifically images of healed dimple piercings. Girlfriend can additionally ask to see their specialty human body piercing license. Recognize your state regulations for license the piercer.

The price will additionally vary relying on if you’re getting one or both cheeks pierced, despite many human being opt because that both.

Potential side results of gaining a cheek piercing

Cheek piercings room risky because they are so close to the parotid gland. A skilled and trained piercer will know to protect against the duct, but mishaps can tho happen.

Other side impacts of acquiring a cheek piercing are also possible.

With cheek piercings, scar is common. Anecdotally, some human being actually acquire a cheek piercing due to the fact that they desire the scar, no the jewelry.

Signs of one infected piercing encompass a yellow discharge, swelling, ongoing pain and redness, and itching. Over there are residence treatments you deserve to try, but see a physician if the pain worsens or symptoms perform not enhance within two days.

Sometimes a body will certainly register a piercing as a foreign object and reject it. The skin tissues increase to push the jewel out.

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You will likely experience swelling through cheek piercings. Make sure you begin with a much longer bar, which won’t acquire trapped by the swelling, making it complicated to clean. Don’t change your jewelry for 8 come 12 weeks.

You may be an ext likely to bite under on the pole inside your cheek when you’re swollen, so chew carefully. You have the right to gently act the puffy area because that a couple of minutes making use of an ice pack wrapped in a paper towel.