Do other civilization make you feel weird sometimes? execute you have actually the emotion that you’re constantly absent something or that you’re always the last one laughing in ~ someone’s joke?

If yes, there’s a possibility that you’ve been living under a rock without being aware of it.

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What walk ‘Living Under A Rock’ actually Mean?

It method that you’re ignorant and also unaware that the things happening in the exterior world. This doesn’t have to necessarily it is in bad.

There room some pros and also cons to living under a rock and it’s as much as you to decide whether this form of lifestyle influences you negative or positively.

There are miscellaneous reasons for deciding come live under a rock.

Perhaps friend don’t have actually time for the outside world because you’re too busy being in the human being that you’ve designed because that yourself, or you’re simply an introvert and you uncover it hard to socialize and be open up to new things, or you’re fear of every one of the negativity that might influence your well-being.

If you’re wonder if you’re one of those people who is populated under a rock, continue reading and I’m certain you’ll find your answer.


1. Girlfriend are certain about the things that attention you


You engage only in those tasks that you’re comfortable with.

You have actually an imaginary list of things that you’re interested in and also you never ever thought of expanding it.

When someone asks friend what your hobbies are, your answers have remained the exact same for years.

Perhaps you have a are afraid of failure that you will certainly not be great at something and also that prevents you from trying various other things as well. The subconsciously limits your interests and also with it, your knowledge as well.

2. You’re not good at an easy things


You are great at several of the most facility things like programming yet you don’t know just how to do scrambled eggs.

And this doesn’t stroked nerves you at all due to the fact that you understand your priorities and also you don’t bother finding out something that is no in her interests.

You accomplish yourself through mediocrity because you have no time to improve yourself in every the fields and also not simply in those that attention you.

3. You’re fear of gift judged


Most of the time, you spend it gift afraid of being judged through others for something friend don’t recognize or you don’t know exactly how to do.

And the is why you wisely pick the civilization you’re going come hang out with due to the fact that you don’t feel comfortable being v others that don’t know you.

You find yourself talking just to those that don’t judge you and also you’re perfect fine v this, even though you subconsciously know that you’re limiting yourself when it involves socializing.

4. Friend pretend you recognize what someone is talk about


Sometimes you find yourself pretending that you understand what who is talking about or friend pretend to laugh at your jokes.

You execute this because you space afraid the they are going to laugh at you if they find out the you don’t know the main point of the conversation.

Sometimes you excuse you yourself to walk to the bathroom only to avoid any potentially awkward cases if you’re not familiar with the topic.

And that is as soon as you start contemplating why friend don’t know the points you are expected come know.

5. You never ever sing in ~ clubs since you don’t know any of the lyrics


When it comes to clubbing, you simply dance and also move your lips for this reason that people think you space singing.

But, deep down in her soul, friend pray to God that they will certainly buy it and also that you will certainly not do a fool the end of yourself in prior of a girl or boy you like.

And once you acquire home, you don’t bother looking for that certain song you found interesting.

Instead, you store doing points you’re good at, not offering a damn what others will certainly think of friend if girlfriend don’t know the songs that room trending.

6. You’re not pertained to with the things that space trending


You constantly seem to stick out from the crowd due to the fact that of your weird feeling of fashion or behavior. You don’t stroked nerves wearing something only because it is in trend best now.

You only buy things you feel many comfortable with and also you would never ever bother buying something you check out others have.

7. Friend ask stupid questions


Sometimes girlfriend surprise human being with your questions that turn out to be stupid.

And you deserve to see by the watch on their faces that they room thinking that you space a maniac or they even think that you’re making jokes on them.

But in your mind, the concern seemed totally normal and also you don’t know why the points you ask are related to as stupid.

Then you start questioning everything and maybe also pretend the you were just joking, simply to alleviate the awkwardness of the situation.

8. Friend live in a bubble


You live in your perfect, secluded bubble, away from the rest of world and also you are happy.

You don’t bother with the negative things that the real world due to the fact that you’re not ready to resolve them.

Even as soon as something poor happens, you protect against asking around the details because you want to believe that everything’s fine and this is how you keep the ‘artificial’ happiness.

But as soon as you’re required to leaving the bubble you’ve to be living in, you uncover yourself tough to recoup afterward.

9. You are afraid of new things


You’re not willing to try anew video game that has actually just been released or come watch that movie everyone is talking about.

You have your own routine and you don’t bother with brand-new things or challenges.

When you receive an invite from a girlfriend to go carry out something brand-new and exciting, girlfriend instantly disapprove it, without even asking what that is about.

10. Friend don’t watch tv or any other media


You just watch her favorite show on repeat, also though you’ve seen it 5 times by now.

You’re appalled by every little thing they are showing on television and that is why you’ve totally abandoned the idea the chilling in former of the TV.

When who proposes girlfriend go check out a movie, friend don’t also think around giving the a chance because this would mean that you have to give up her favorite show.


1. Read, read, and also read some more


Reading will expand your vocabulary and also it will certainly enrich your expertise as well.

But make sure that friend don’t read only things you’re interested in. Read around everything in the world, read around the many trivial things if needed and also you’ll it is in good.

2. Watch tutorials


If you’re unsure just how to carry out something, you can constantly watch tutorials.

Don’t give up doing something just due to the fact that you think you’re not skilled at doing it.

Watch tutorials ~ above a day-to-day basis and you’ll find out a lot about different things and also you’ll enhance your existing knowledge as well.

3. Be open up to brand-new things


Try to gain out of your bubble and be open up to brand-new experiences and exciting things in life.

When someone invites girlfriend to do something different, don’t make excuses the you don’t have actually time or you’re too busy doing something else.

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Always be open to brand-new things because that is the an essential to innovation and thinking exterior the box.