If you have a pet chinchilla, the is crucial that you understand whether or not it can gain wet. This is an important part the caring for your pet.

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Those that don’t have any experience with these pets will be sure to find this post to be an extremely helpful.

What Happens as soon as a Chinchilla it s okay Wet?

Anyone that has ever seen the movie Gremlins is most likely afraid to obtain their Chinchilla wet. When the result isn’t rather that bad, it deserve to be really frustrating because that you and also your pet.

The fact is that these pets have really dense hair that maintain water for a long time once it it s okay wet. Every solitary follicle contains up come 80 hairs. This way that it could take a matter of days for them come dry the end completely. Girlfriend will an alert your pet shivering, and it is undoubtedly a really uncomfortable endure for castle overall.


There are lots of difficulties that have the right to arise from her Chinchilla gaining wet, specifically if the was completely submerged. Bacterial and fungal infections can cause your pets to come to be seriously ill, and even die. Bacteria and fungus flourish in moist environments. Because it take away so lengthy for these pets to dried out, this is a genuine concern.

Ringworm is another potential trouble that can arise from your chinchilla’s hair getting wet, and also it is generally the result of fungus. While it is normally treated easily without any type of complications, it have the right to lead to a relatively expensive veterinarian bill.

It is also possible that your chinchilla could construct a respiratory infection, making that extremely an overwhelming for lock to breathe normally. If the infection is severe enough, they could not have the ability to breathe in ~ all. This will cause the system to totally shut down, causing death.


Do Chinchillas ever Get Wet in their organic Habitat?

While that is feasible for a chinchilla to obtain wet in its organic environment, the not most likely at all. This is due to the fact that these pets are indigenous to dry, arid areas that hardly ever receive rain. They tend to be uncovered at a high altitude, which additionally explains why wet isn’t usually an concern for them.

How to save Your Chinchilla from getting Wet

It is an essential that you carry out everything feasible to keep your chinchilla from acquiring wet. This has being cautious when you allow them to roam around. You should keep a nearby eye on lock at all times. This way not permitting them to walk near any type of glasses filled with water or other liquids.

If girlfriend let your chinchilla explore outside, make certain that the weather doesn’t contact for rain. It just takes a couple of seconds the rain to reason serious problems with your pet.

As we stated above, you need to never usage water come clean or bathe these animals. If it can be tempting in ~ times, this is never ever a good idea. Mental to always use dust, together it is very effective and also doesn’t come with any kind of adverse effects.

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Chinchillas have actually extremely thick fur, which means that it retains water for long periods.It deserve to take a issue of job for her pet’s hair to dried completely, depending upon how wet it got.There space a variety of serious health problems that deserve to arise from your chinchilla getting wet, consisting of fungal and bacterial infections.If you usage a blow dryer to dry off your chinchilla, you should set it to low or medium and also keep it 2 feet native them at every times.It is finest to use a highly absorbent bath towel to dry off her pet. Keep pressing gently into their fur while stop it tight so that doesn’t run away.When you should clean your chinchilla, you have to use dust that is specially created these animals. Placed your pet in a bowl filled with this dust and also let the clean itself.These animals rarely gain wet in the wild because of the regions they space naturally discovered in.To save your chinchilla from obtaining wet, store a nearby eye on castle when allowing them to explore.