Paul Teutul is a renowned American motorcycle builder and also designer. His appearances ~ above American Chopper reality show is what carried him to the limelight. In the current past, Paul Teutul senior has been through a many troubles, both in his family and also at work. In addition, there have been persistent rumors going approximately the media claiming the he is dead. Listed below are well-researched facts around Paul Teutul Sr’s fatality rumors.

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Who is Paul Teutul Sr?

Paul Teutul Sr. Was born as Paul man Teutul on 1st May 1949, therefore making him 70 year old. His wiki-bio reports that he to be born in Yonkers, new York. Thereafter, his parents relocated to Pearl River, brand-new York, wherein he prospered up. During the Vietnam war, Teutul Sr. Joined the US seller Marines.

At the start of his career, Paul Teutul opened up a fabrication shop called Orange ar Ironworks. The shop is right now being regulated by Paul Teutul’s son, Daniel.

In 1999, he founded Orange ar Choppers, i beg your pardon manufacturers tradition motorcycles. That is also the main cast on American Chopper reality television series. Initially, he showed up in the present alongside his two sons, Paul Teutul Jr. and Michael Teutul.


Paul Teutul Sr. Still alive fit and also healthy

His mommy Died.

Yes, the is true that Paul Teutul’s mother, Helen Teutul is no much longer alive. She passed far in December that 2011 in ~ a good age of 93 years. Back she to be not frequently featured top top the American Chopper, she was very far-reaching to Teutul’s family.

Before she death, over there existed a very bitter rivalry between Teutul Sr. And also his boy Paul Jr. However, once Paul Jr. Heard the death of his grandmother, he referred to as his dad top top the call to offer his condolences. However, the moment for reconciliation was not yet.

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Quick Facts around Paul Teutul Sr.

NamePaul john Teutul
Age70 years
Birthdate1st might 1949
BirthplaceYonkers, brand-new York
ParentsHelen Teutul (mother)
SiblingsNot disclosed
CareerMotorcycle Builder, TV Personality
Net worth$500,000
WifePaula Teutul (1969-1995)

Beth Ann Santos (2007-2015)

HeightNot disclosed
WeightNot disclosed