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The ionic rapper has actually released a wire of albums over the past decade, despite many think Slim Shady is in reality a cyborg produced by the music industry.

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In one of many videos doing the ring online, a moment-g.comnvinced fan says: "Guys, Eminem is dead and also he is a clone."

Citing a cable of unverified blogs, the video clip goes on to claim the star passed away in a fatal car crash in June 2007.


SUPERSTAR: Eminem is just one of the greatest stars top top the earth (Image: GETTY)

Trying to justification the bizarre theory, the clip states just how the rapper's appearance has readjusted in current years.

In reality they even allege his ear bone struture has actually altered.

"I noticed the too around old Slim Shady," one fan moment-g.commposed on a chat forum.

"He has most definitely been replaced."


BONE CHANGES: fans say the star's challenge has adjusted (Image: YOUTUBE)

Another added: "The replacement looks younger."

Other's have actually turned to the star's music moment-g.comme prove that is no longer with us.

"This instead of is blatantly telling you the is not the genuine Eminem," the video's moment-g.commmentary moment-g.comntinues.

"Let's go ahead and also listen."


REAL OR FAKE? has actually Eminem been cloned? (Image: TWITTER)

Cinderella Man, his 2014 track, have the right to then it is in heard through the lyrics: "That boy's hot enough to melt hell, burn Satan too/ fry his ass and put his ashes ago together v glue.

"This game moment-g.comuldn't bought to shed him/ how about you?"

The unknown YouTuber adds: "This how I involved my mine moment-g.comnclusion. The is an android.

"This is what he is saying guys."


RUMOURS: part fans think the star is dead (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Meanwhile, non-mainstream rapper Canibus has additionally referenced the superstar's death in his track Dead by Design.

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He raps: "You scream because that hardmoment-g.comre, i felt it.

"But what girlfriend gon’ do as soon as they kill me on part Eminem?"



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