The Miami Dolphins will certainly make the very first choice of the 2008 NFL breeze on April 26-27. If they don’t choose running earlier Darren McFadden (aka “D-Mac”) indigenous Arkansas, they must fire their entirety executive staff. At least pick him, and also trade that if necessary. In mine opinion, he’s the many talented athlete in the 2008 class.

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Darren McFadden ran a report 4.27 on his 40 yard Dash NFL football combine.

Here’s the video on YouTube, despite it just shows a head ~ above view and not a next view, i beg your pardon is my preference.

Here’s a clip indigenous ESPN on YouTube from a game between Arkansas vs south Carolina in 2007. It shows a McFadden 80 yard TD and you have the right to see for you yourself how fluid he is, both acceleration and top end speed. Ns wonder how rapid D-Mac have the right to run a 60 or 100 meters?

UPDATE: Sorry, the video is no much longer on YouTube.

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