This song functions guest point out by kris Young, George Jones and Charlie Daniels. "I"ve obtained to say that "Country Boy" is definitely in the stylings the "Country Boy have the right to Survive" (by Hank Williams jr.)," he told Billboard Magazine. "I"m no going to shot and deny the correlation."
Growing up in landscape Vermont, Lewis spent summers through his people War II veteran grand hunting and also fishing. "Country to be the lift music to my childhood," stated the singer. "My grand listened to Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr. And all of the greats. When Staind did our an initial tour with child Rock in 1999, i rode the bus through him on a couple occasions, and we bonded end this music. I haven"t been able to let walk of it because then.George Jones and also Charlie Daniels space two that the genre"s legends, and Chris Young represents the brand-new regime," the added concerning this song. "It"s certainly a personal, autobiographical song, and I"m an extremely thankful that they every participated."
The video features Jones, Daniels and Young in the studio and draws native Lewis" household archives. "The video really is me. This is more than likely the many I"ve ever participated in any video clip that I"ve been associated with. I included a lot come the mix to tell the story."
When this debuted in ~ #59 on the country chart dated February 5, 2011, George Jones came to be the an initial artist to appear on the list in each of the last 7 decades. He very first appeared on the chart v "Why baby Why," which peaked at #4 the main of Oct. 29, 1955.

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Though Charlie Daniels and Chris Young were in the studio the very same time as Lewis, George Jones wasn"t well at the time and also had to record his vocals ~ above his very own later.
This is the signature walkout track for can be fried Fighting Championship fighter Chad Mendes. In ~ UFC 189, held at the MGM grand Garden Arena in ras Vegas, Nevada on July 11, 2015, Lewis performed the song live for Mendes" entrance to his interim location fight v Conor McGregor. News had actually been building for some time that Mendes" opponent was pass in Sinéad O"Connor to perform "Foggy Dew" because that his very own entrance, and Mendes want to respond. The two opponents brought a most animosity into the bout. Mendes lost the struggle by technological knockout in the second round, yet won the an initial round nice soundly and also made a good fight that it to the end.

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Bringthe350backgm native Missouri that the comment above mine was the Illuminati trying to cover up the real meaning behind the song?Bo native Cottonwood CaI love this song, i was born and also raised in a little town in northern California dubbed Cottonwood, so this song has a good impact on mine life, I"m 29 now and still living in my home town.Mike native Carmel, InUh, Matt...that would certainly be the Revolutionary War.Matt native Detroit, MiNo one has actually mentioned the bigger part of this song...The Illuminati. That is singing about how he sold his soul to the evil one in LA and also how demonic required were informing him that he doesn"t require his friend or family and also that he requirements to readjust to come to be famous. "Now its to be 12 years due to the fact that I sold my heart to the devil in LA." some artists break their conditioning and also begin speaking out versus the devil and the Illuminati. Ns am not a fan of rap but Eminem and also other rappers speak out against the Illuminati. Aaron is talking about how he marketed his soul for fortune and also fame. "He said, "sign her name here on the dotted line and also your song they all will play.""You wanna sell a million documents boy, you much better listen come me.""he said, "change her style, white in her smile, you could lose a couple pounds."""And if you want to live this life, you much better lose that wife, execute you require your friend around?"So he marketed his spirit to end up being rich and also they every do. But now the is speaking out and also breaking his Illuminati conditioning. "No, thats no me." "Cuz the best things in life space your friends and family.""You"ll never capture me the end the home without my nine or 45." - Aaron Lewis proves in this line the he is pro-gun. Virtually like the motor City Madman Ted Nugent. Our country is founded on protecting yourself and the united state government and also Illuminati are anti-guns. They want us civilians unarmed."My idea of Heaven"s chasing white-tailed buck. For this reason you know as a nation boy, you understand I have the right to survive." favor Ted Nugent, Aaron Lewis is a hunter and can fend for himself. Once the upcoming economic collapse happens, he will not walk hungry as he is a hunter. Unlike the remainder of America that depend on companies to give them your food."Now 2 flags fly above my land that really sum up exactly how I feel. One is the colors that fly high and proud, the red, the white, the blue. The various other one"s gotta rattlesnake through a an easy statement made. Don"t Tread top top Me is what it says and I"ll take the to my grave"This is a an extremely important line. Aaron Lewis is no like many Americans who fly the Red White and Blue and have no idea what it stands for. Under it is the Gadsen Flag (Rattlesnake v Don"t Tread ~ above Me" created on it. This clearly shows that Aaron lewis is true Patriot and also knows what the stars and also stripes really was standing for. Our ancestors fought and also died for this nation during the polite war. Castle fought against their dilute government and won. They climate setup a free country. Its just unfortunate the we have tyrants in out government once again who want to enslave us. Our federal government does not care about the united state Constitution and also the invoice of Rights. Our civil liberties are gift striped far from us all in the surname of fighting "terrorism." but thats a totality other topic. The Gadsen Flag represents state"s rights. The states were given powers the the commonwealth government might not take it away. But with one uneducated population, the federal federal government is stripping state"s rights away."Cuz I"ve never ever needed federal government to hold my hand.""cuz my household has constantly fought and died to save this land"This song plainly shows that Aaron is break his conditioning. Once he talks around the devil, he follows things increase with...thats no me. Once he speaks about the US and also Gadsen Flags and around being American...he says thats me. Ns have always liked Staind. Staind has helped me through a lot through songs choose Outside. This makes Aaron Lewis even an ext awesome. Give thanks to you Aaron because that speaking out and telling us what a true American is.see more comments
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