Is over there a difference between "convenient because that you" and also "convenient come you"? and if the is, might you explain it?



As well as the most usual sense that convenient (i.e. Suiting you, not leading to you time or trouble), over there is the associated sense of close, near-by, together in "We stopped at a convenient gas-station" or "He choose up a practically rock". If the expression convenient for you is much the much more common the the two, it might be that convenient to you is an ext likely to be offered with this second sense.

Here are some instances from a quick search:

Call the office most convenient come you. Pick a venue practically to you.Kindly choose a branch practically to you. Visit our contact page to uncover a location that is convenient to you. Find a kitchen centre most convenient to you.

While price 1 is the correct an option when words "convenient" is regarded location, using the word to doesn"t apply as absolutely when the meeting"s time is under negotiation.

To illustrate:

It works to say "convenient to you," once you"re saying that a location deserve to be reached with little effort, favor "near to you" or "next to you." This ruling is reinforced through the impossibility of saying "near for you" or "next for you."

But if the matter of conversation is an task where time is the dominant question that offers magnified clarity to suggest that to someone the they join in at a time the is an ext "convenient for you," also though to is technically OK.

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I"ve done some study on this one, too, due to the fact that both sound right, yet according come an teacher, that is additionally a Youtuber, you usage "to you" in referral to a location, vice versa, "for you" is for the benefit as a result.

Talking to you is speak something come you, while talking for you is talk on behalf of you.

You deserve to actually find for that in Youtube. Ns hope this helps.


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