a is opposite and also b is choose chargesWhat kind of electrical charges a. Attract each other? b. Repel each other?
charging by frictionHow do apparel in a dryer acquire static cling?electrically neutralWhat charge execute you have actually after getting a positive charge native walking across a carpet then poignant a doorknob and receiving a shock?The law of conservation of ChargeWhat says charges space not created or destroyed?static dischargeWhat is the ns of static power as electric charges move off one object?static electricityWhat is the buildup of charges on an object?electroscopeWhat is an tool that have the right to detect the presence of an electric charge?electric circuitWhat is a complete, unbroken course through which electrical charges deserve to flow?conductorsWhat materials allow the charges of an electric present to move freely through them?wood, plastic, and glassList 3 instances of insulators.

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ampere/volt/ohmWhat is the unit for electrical current? voltage? resistance?terminalsWhat components of the cabinet are provided to affix an electrochemical cabinet to a circuit?electrochemical cell/batteryWhat is a maker that transforms save on computer chemical energy into electrical energy?resistance is same to voltage split by currentWhat is Ohm"s law?voltmeterWhat is a an equipment used come measure electrical potential energy difference, or voltage?switchWhat is a an equipment used to open and close and also electric circuit?voltage x currentHow perform you calculation power?see web page 186Draw a parallel circuit v a switch and label it.see web page 185Draw a collection circuit through a switch and also label it.

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electrically groundedWhat is a circuit if the can bring electric existing from a short circuit directly to Earth?static discharge lasts for only a portion of a secondHow is revolution discharge different from a electrical current?electrical powerWhat is the rate at which an electrical machine converts energy from one type to another?R=V/IWhat is the relationship in between current, resistance, and also voltage difference?A very big discharge of revolution electricity as result of charges in the clouds separating to confident on optimal and negative on bottom causing the Earth"s surface to come to be charged.What is lightning?circuit breakerWhat is a device designed to open up an overloaded circuit and prevent overheating?decreasesWhat happens to resistance as much more branches are added to a parallel circuit?180 kWhIf an electric water heater provides 60 kW that power and runs for 3 hours, what is the full amount of power used?36 wattsIf a household’s voltage is 120 volts, what is the power rating that a light bulb through 0.3 amps of current flowing v it?4 ohmsWhat is the resistance because that a existing of 2 amps and a voltage the 8 volts?.1 ampsWhat is the current produced with a 6-volt battery with a resistance of 60 ohms?1200 voltsWhat voltage produce a present of 40 amps with a resistance of 30 ohms?