Who loves pizza, arcade games and also prizes? ns do! below are part tips and also trick for getting the many out the your next visit to chuck E. Cheese.Before you go below are some gives I recommend taking v you.

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hands free bag for storing tickets, coins, and cardsticket vouchertape (trust me)

What’s new?

Chuck E. Cheese has actually upgraded native the classic token to a card call a beat Pass. You have two choices for loading your pass. You have the right to load your play pass card with points, which changed the tokens, Or you deserve to now load your card with playing time. For example you might load 30 minutes to your play pass card and play all the gamings you want for a half hour. Castle do permit you to pause your time play at least once during your pat tme. One more benifits to the beat pass system is that you can load your card v play points and also check the balance ~ above thier website.

Play point out vs. Pat Time

For young youngsters or anyone who wants to take their time play each game, I would certainly recommend beat Points. Play points space the tantamount of the old tokens. Yet instead that carrying approximately tokens you have the right to now just tap her card. Various locations have different deal however the finest deal for play points comes the end to $.20 every point.

Are tokens gone? Nope, there space still coin games like the Price is Right. Once you tap her card the game will dispense a token for the game.My an individual Favorite is playing time. I like to maximize my game play with various strategies i beg your pardon is nearly another game in and of itself.


Maximizing your Time pat Card

When you fill your card with play time you get limitless game play for the amount that time. Yet there is a 10 second delay between every time you have the right to tap her play pass. Girlfriend can try to remember to tap her card every 10 seconds or for certain games favor Harpoon Lagoon you have the right to rest your card over the sensor and also it will instantly renew her credits every 10 seconds. Again, v Harpoon Lagoon every credit gives you 5 shots and also if girlfriend play strategically you will end up with more shots 보다 you need, therefore we prefer to pass the card about while we play. When a player has actually 40 or more shots saved up, pass the card and also let an additional player load up. Harpoon Lagoon is funny for a while, however you don’t desire to feeling stuck over there the entirety time. As soon as my children are invited up, ns take the card and also rest that on a sensor for a coin game. So while my kids are play their game, I pack up ~ above coins to use later. Many of the games are hard to pack up credit transaction on since they take much longer to play each time, so I will certainly tap a credit transaction for one child playing Batman, and also then to walk over and also tap a credit for soccer Rush. If over there is any type of down time if they space playing, ns go earlier to the coin games and also keep loading up.

We will get ago to the coin stash later. Some gamings have a sensor encountering up so the you have the right to rest the map on, others have the sensor on the side of the game and there is nowhere to rest your card. That’s where the tape come in. For gamings like SpongeBob us tape the map to the sensor and build increase our credits.


Free Tickets!

Chuck E. Cheese has a couple apps that you deserve to play to earn tickets. Our family likes Skate world (kind of like minion rush) because that getting an ext tickets.There is additionally Racing civilization which my children like but I’m not very good at it. When you have actually earned the ticket you want, over there is an option to have actually them emailed to you. I would carry out this the day before you go due to the fact that the email doesn’t constantly come ideal away. Yet don’t perform it as well early since they perform expire. Then print off her ticket voucher and also take it with you. You can redeem her ticket voucher in ~ the cashier through a food purchase. In mine experience, I have actually been able to redeem one voucher per kid. So in mine case: two vouchers. Periodically the cashier could tell friend to hold on come your file and take it it to the ticket counter. Ns strongly introduce redeeming you voucher with the cashier when you order. Castle will publish you a small slip with the amount come ticket you knife on it and you have the right to use the on that pilgrimage or conserve it for an additional time. The best ticket you deserve to have sent out to your email is 500. Any kind of tickets you have actually over 500 will remain on the app until girlfriend redeem them. So exactly how do you get an ext than one ticket voucher for your following trip? victory tickets native both apps and/or download and play on multiple devices.

When we go, we print off two ticket vouchers because that 500 ticket from various devices. Seize my dedicated arcade bag with conserved tickets, cards and also coins. And a little thing of tape. We redeem the ticket voucher as soon as ordering food time play card. I prefer to tuck these tickets far to conserve up because that bigger prizes.

Game Play

We have a 4 phase device for play the games.

I fill up my youngsters at Harpoon Lagoon, and also while castle play, ns stock increase on coins for later. Watch because that the Jelly Fish, it’s worth 100 tickets. I walk approximately with the card, tapping the gamings they desire to play. Again, any downtime I spend collecting coins.We walk over come the SpongeBob coin pusher game and also tape the map over the sensor. This video game works finest it you load up on credit and then shoot the coins rapidly. So we hang out till we have actually 20 or an ext shots, take transforms playing, and also play until our time runs out.Remember all of those coins? You have the right to use castle after your time card has actually run out. We prefer to walk over to the Price is Right and also put coins in as rapid a we can until we get to turn the huge wheel. With about 40 coins we usually obtain to turn the large wheel 2 or 3 times.

Ticket Spending

Unless there is something at sight awesome the the children want, we just spend the tickets us earned indigenous the games, saving the 1000 tickets from the app for bigger prizes. The highest ticket worth item is 7500. So through this method you can gain the biggest prize after 7 visits.


It was pretty cool as soon as my son got the huge Star battles Flightier. The manager had to come over and also confirm the we had enough and also then they lugged out a ladder to lug the substantial toy native the optimal self. It to be pretty awesome. The only difficulty is now we have a giant space ship taking up closet space. Yet it’s still worth it.


Also precious noting, kids can get free tickets because that wearing your costume in October.

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When no one of the prizes room appealing, nothing worry, lock get brand-new stuff every the time, or friend can shot another location.