Fire increase the grill for these Buffalo Wing warm Dogs. They are a food collision of your 2 summer party favorites: warm dogs and also buffalo wild wings.

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These Buffalo Wing hot Dogs space literally my new favorite hot dog. Loaded with blue cheese, buffalo wild wing sauce and green onions, and also a touch the heat, these “dogs” are packed through flavor. The Hebrew national Beef Franks space a perfect balance to the blue cheese and also sauce.


Summer entertaining is elevated to a whole new level with these Buffalo Wild Wing warm Dogs. Not just are they delicious, but they will wow any guest and make any kind of man-cave a little much more manly. And the shade of the sauce, gorgeous melted cheese, and fresh green onions make a picturesque addition to any kind of picnic table. All of the ingredient are easy to choose up in ~ your regional Kroger store! no only have the right to you obtain Hebrew nationwide Beef Franks however even all her sides as well, chips, salad, drinks & don’t forget the watermelon.

The first time ns made these, my neighbor’s kids were over. After castle ate, your mom dubbed me laughing, informing me that when her children came home, castle gushed about how amazing these hot dogs were and also asked why she didn’t execute anything “fun” with their warm dogs. Hear this made mine day.

Honestly people, these Buffalo Wing hot Dogs room super easy to assemble and also sure to please.

Having friends and also family over throughout the summer is the highlight of the year because that our family. We love obtaining together come play volleyball, late-night tag, “drive-in” movie in the backyard and also just acquiring together to visit. And also you deserve to do the too. Don’t over complicate it; make it simple. Adding tiny touches come your daily barbecue bowl can lug your party to the following level.

Enjoy this amazing, an easy & very delicious Buffalo Wing warm Dogs. XOXO San

How perform you do Buffalo Wing hot Dogs?

Grill warm dogs until hot and also to your taste.

Set stove to short broil.

Place the cooked hot dogs in the warm dog bun, and set on a baking sheet.

Add 1/4 cup that blue cheese on optimal of each hot dog. Collection in oven and broil until the cheese is melted, around 3-5 minutes.

Remove pan indigenous oven. Drizzle hot dogs through buffalo wild wing sauce and also top with green onions and added blue cheese if desired.

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Serve immediately and also devour.

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