Tricks and also Treats fall Fest in ~ Cedar point is a brand new method to celebrate Halloween. And, when we’re already missing HalloWeekends, I’m nice excited to view what the Roller coaster capital of the people has in store for kids and adults. So, here’s what we know around Cedar suggest Tricks and Treats fall Fest so far and what you deserve to expect as soon as you visit.

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Touches of loss in Frontiertown in ~ Cedar point August 2020.

I reuse to let Halloween be canceled this year. I mean, we’ve currently seen the cancellation the Halloween occasions at design template parks (hello, Walt Disney World!) and I to be dreading news from Cedar Point around its Halloween season. Sure, HalloWeekends is on hold for this year, but instead that canceling it, Cedar point announced a brand new event: Tricks and also Treats autumn Fest. Its sisters park, King’s Island, is hosting the same event in Cincinnati and I’m curious regarding exactly how comparable it will certainly be.

And critical week, Molly and I hit the park to see what’s new and uncovered gorgeous touches of autumn.

Okay, every one of that aside, let’s acquire into the details of Tricks and Treats autumn Fest. It definitely looks choose it’s geared toward children but, hey, I’m down for channeling my inner 7-year old.

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Cedar point Tricks and Treats loss Fest days & Times

Cedar allude has currently begun that is weekend-only openings Friday with Sundays and its autumn Fest will certainly dock a day. Opened ~ above Saturdays and Sundays only, here are the days for 2020:

September 12-13, 19-20, &26-27October 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 24-25, & 31November 1

For Tricks and Treats fall Fest, the park will be opened from 12pm-8pm on booked weekends.

Cedar suggest Tricks and Treats autumn Fest Food

Right now, not a ton of info is available but we do have actually a pair of details:

A park ticket with a 3-tasting choice card is $57. If friend want just the Tasting Card, because that $30 girlfriend can obtain a six-item Tasting Card.

Also just announced will certainly be Brews & Booze specialty cocktails. Top top the menu are six cocktails and 11 handmade brews to choose from.
Pretty fall decorations at Cedar suggest August 2020. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke

Can ns Wear a Costume to Cedar point Fall Fest?

Everyone can wear a costume come Cedar suggest this year – woot!

As for trick-or-treating, there will be designated locations throughout the park. children will receive “individually packaged tasty treats with possibly some fun tricks thrown in.” Not certain what the tricks are, yet as soon as ns know, I’ll add it.

Tricks and Treats fall Fest Activities

In enhancement to rides there will certainly be fall-themed games, game shows, mazes, and crafts for everyone in the family. Plus, her favorite rides will be open to provide the thrills and also chills discovered only in ~ Cedar Point. Rides open up haven’t been detailed as yet, for this reason I’ll update as soon as they are.

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Also simply announced: fall-themed gamings where everyone wins, family and adults-only game shows, dance parties, corn and hay mazes, a QR quest, a difficulty course, pint-sized tractor rides, super-cute crafts and also much more.