You attend the Bar Mitzvah’s Torah reading in the synagogueYou acquire together in the family’s home for an intimate Kiddush & light meal (a luncheon)You go homeThe End


A “light meal” turned into a substantial feast with many alcohol (for the actual adults), music and dancing…

It’s prefer we entered a brand-new era: Bar/Bat Mitzvah 2.0.

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You understand what the means…

New Bar/Bat Mitzvah solemn event = new rules = new Bar/Bat Mitzvah etiquette.

… What execute you wear come a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

… What gift perform you give?

… What have to you to speak (and what shouldn’t friend say)?

Sit tight… due to the fact that I’m about to offer you the answers to every one of those questions (and more) …

Table the Contents

Bar Mitzvah ceremony Etiquette & Behavior

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If you attending a Bar Mitzvah company in a synagogue, then there room a couple of things you have to keep in mind:

1. Dress Appropriately

The Bar Mitzvah service is a semi-formal event that is held in a synagogue (usually top top Shabbat).

What walk that mean exactly?

It means you have to dress modestly & respectfully.

In most cases, the Bar Mitzvah invite mentions the dress password for the synagogue – monitor IT. The parents discussed it because that a reason.

Believe me, the last point you desire is anyone staring at you like you simply landed from Mars. (and Elon Musk hasn’t sent out anyone come Mars yet, so that must median you’re an alien).

If the invite doesn’t point out any certain dress code – offer the Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s parental a call and ask for part guidance. Much better safe than sorry.

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What if the invite doesn’t mention the ideal dress code, and also your dog ate her homework iPhone?

First, congratulations – her dog is now an iDog.

Second, here’s the dress password you need to adhere to at a minimum:

For men