Happy Tuesday! job two…how to be it? We had actually another good day! We’re easing ago into our routines and procedures! We also got a new monster today and we handled that well.

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Today I want to re-publishing something revolutionary. Mental blowing. Life altering. OK, at least it to be for me. I could be the last human being on earth to have actually figured this out…but hey, I’m excited about it! and also let’s it is in honest, for someone who does craftivities every one of the time, this is a vast time saver. Simply thinking about all of the time I invested tracing piece for craftivities…makes. Me. Ill. Hehe That’s much more time I can have used eating…being sarcastic…so many things…
Anyways, my revolution is the I discovered you have the right to print on building and construction paper!!!! Shut. The. Front. Door. Ns know, right?! I’m certain you all knew this…but this dude go not. I have actually an HP Laserjet press so I understand it works with this form of printer. I additionally know you have the right to use Risso machines to copy on building paper. Just not the one in ~ my school because um…it’s broken…and us don’t have actually funds to fix it. So laser printing that is. 



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Don't feeling too poor I just discovered this a pair months ago… my genius me knew there had actually to be a way TO publish on the building and construction paper… but couldn't number out exactly how to make it fit in the printer. It take it an hour and also asking a girlfriend to figure out to just reduced it. Gina

Now if someone might only produce construction record that was currently cut right into the right size…

Yeehaw! to teach in Texas

No kidding Sarah! i am always at a loss v what to carry out with those extra piece I cut off. I have a totality box for “scraps” later and also we never actually usage them!

I'm so glad I observed your pin on Pinterest! ns love your quirky sarcastic ways and also I think you'll be among my favorite new blogs to follow! Cute stuff!

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Wow!! I had no idea! I assumed I would certainly break the press if ns did that… climate I'd be in big trouble! many thanks for sharing! now I have actually to get a paper cutter.=)

-Jackie-Sister Teachers

I'm in love through your paper collection! every our file is the exact same standard sizes in Australia, so correctly I have actually been law this because that a while… I'm certain this will certainly be a large time saver because that you